Oceana (2011)

Sherinian, Derek (Mascot Records, B005HI7NQO)

Keyboard player Derek Sherinian has played with a wide variety of major league acts over the years, from Dream Theater, KISS, Alice Cooper, Yngwie Malmsteen, Billy Idol, and of course his current band Black Country Communion, but it's in his fusion band Planet X and his solo albums where he really gets to strut his stuff. His latest solo outing Oceana sees Sherinian delivering a wealth of instrumental metallic fusion tunes that are as memorable as they are jaw dropping. As always, he's brought on board a host of guest stars, including Steve Lukather, Simon Philips, Joe Bonamassa, Tony LacAlpine, Tony Franklin, Steve Stevens, Doug Aldrich, and Jimmy Johnson. 


  1. Five Elements (Sherinian, Phillips)
  2. Mercury 7 (Sherinian, Phillips)
  3. Mulholland (Sherinian, Phillips)
  4. Euphoria (Sherinian, Phillips)
  5. Ghost Runner (Sherinian, Stevens)
  6. El Camino Diablo (Sherinian, Aldrich)
  7. I Heard That (Sherinian, Phillips, Bonamassa)
  8. Seven Sins (Sherinian, Phillips)
  9. Oceana (Sherinian, Phillips, Stevens)


Doug Aldrich - Guitar (6)
Joe Bonamassa - Guitar (7)
Tony Franklin - Bass, Fretless Bass
Jimmy Johnson - Bass
Steve Lukather - Guitar (3, 4, 8)
Tony MacAlpine - Guitar (1, 2)
Simon Phillips - Drums, Engineer, Mixing, Producer
Derek Sherinian - Engineer, Executive Producer, Keyboards, Primary Artist, Producer
Steve Stevens - Guitar (5, 9)