Can't take a hint (2012)

Shearer, Harry (Courgette Records , )

Harry Shearer, who made a name for himself in “Spinal Tap” and “The Simpsons,” is lending his many talents to a new album.

“Can’t Take a Hint” is a collection of Shearer’s musical comedy sketches, the likes of which appear on his podcast “Le Show.” Whereas his past albums, both of where were nominated for Grammys, had a singular theme, Shearer chose to cover a broader swath of topics on his latest effort.

For instance, Shearer tackles Sarah Palin, the war in Iraq, Joe the Plumber, Rupert Murdoch and more through his humorous recordings. And Shearer doesn’t hog the spotlight here; he calls upon Jane Lynch, Fountains of Wayne, Jamie Cullum and his wife, Judith Owen, to help round out the vocals and music.


  1. Celebrity Booze Endorser (feat. Fountains of Wayne) (Harry Shearer, Fountains Of Wayne)
  2. Macondo (feat. Rob Brydon) (Harry Shearer, Rob Brydon) 
  3. Trillion Dollar Bargain (feat. Alice Russell and Tommy Malone) (Harry Shearer, Alice Russell, Tommy Malone) 
  4. Deaf Boys (Harry Shearer) 
  5. Autumn in New Orleans (feat. Dr. John and Nicholas Payton) (Harry Shearer, Dr. John, Nicholas Payton)
  6. A Few Bad Apples (feat. Jamie Cullum) (Harry Shearer, Jamie Cullum) 
  7. Joe the Plumber (Harry Shearer) 
  8. Like a Charity (feat. Jane Lynch) (Harry Shearer, Jane Lynch)
  9. When the Crocodile Cries (Harry Shearer)
  10. Your Thing (feat. Judith Owen) (Harry Shearer, Judith Owen)
  11. Cold Is to the Bone (feat. Charlie Wood and Danny Thompson) (Harry Shearer, Charlie Wood, Danny Thompson)
  12. Bridge to Nowhere (feat. Judith Owen) (Harry Shearer, Judith Owen)
  13. Touch My Junk (Harry Shearer)
  14. Autumn in New Orleans (Solo Live Bonus Track) (Harry Shearer)


Jeff "Skunk" Baxter - Dobro, Guitar, Guitar (Electric)
Rob Brydon - Vocals
Justyn Case - Drums
Chris Collingwood - Guest Artist, Guitar, Vocals
Jamie Cullum - Vocals
Dr. John - Vocals
Jeffrey Foskett - Arranger, Producer, Vocals (Background)
Fountains of Wayne - Band, Guest Artist
Bruce Gaitsch - Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic)
Glen Berger - Clarinet, Flute, Horn (English), Saxophone
Jerry Goodman - Violin
Gary Griffin - Arranger, Engineer, Mixing, Piano, Producer
Roland Guerin - Bass
Gavin Harrison - Drums
Kelly Huff - Vocals (Background)
Steve Lukather - Guitar
Jane Lynch - Vocals
Tommy Malone - Vocals
Jim McMillen - Copyist, Horn Arrangements, Orchestration, String Arrangements, Trombone
Judith Owen - Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Nicholas Payton - Trumpet
Jody Porter - Guest Artist, Guitar, Vocals
Jo Pusateri - Drums, Glockenspiel, Percussion, Vibraphone
Herlin Riley - Drums
Alice Russell - Vocals
Harry Shearer - Bass, Composer, Executive Producer, Handclapping, Primary Artist, Rap, Snaps, Stomping, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Todd Sucherman - Drums
Chris Tedesco - Trumpet
Danny Thompson - Bass
David Torkanowsky - Engineer, Producer
Cj Vanston - Arranger, Handclapping, Horn Arrangements, Keyboards, Mixing, Pedal Steel, Piano, Producer, Snaps, Stomping, String Arrangements, Vocals (Background)
Charlie Wood - Piano, Vocals
Brian Young - Drums, Guest Artist, Percussion