Dragonfly (2012)

Evans, Bill (Vansman Records, B006TE18RK)

Dragonfly continues the evolution of Soulgrass and is the third release of the Soulgrass band. It is a unique blend of earthy vocal tunes as sung by Josh Dion, the drummer, Ryan Cavanaugh on banjo, as well as soulful and hard-hitting grooves played by special guests and legends, Warren Haynes and Steve Lukather. John Medeski makes an appearance on organ as well. As stated by Evans, “I find this to be a very addictive CD that best captures our current band’s live vibe. Off the charts!"


  1. Madman (Josh Dion / Bill Evans)
  2. Time (Josh Dion / Bill Evans)
  3. Kings And Queens (Josh Dion / Bill Evans)
  4. Tit For Tat (Bill Evans / Warren Haynes)
  5. I Don't Know About Love (Josh Dion / Bill Evans)
  6. Forbidden Daffodils (Bill Evans)
  7. Nothin' to Believe In (Bill Evans)
  8. Lay It Down (Bill Evans)
  9. Dirt County Breakdown (Ryan Cavanaugh / Bill Evans)
  10. Dragonfly (Bill Evans)


Bill Evans - sax
Steve Lukather - guitar (1, 6)
Ryan Cavanaugh - banjo
Josh Dion - drums, vocals
Warren Haynes - guitar (4)
Keith Carlock - drums (4)
Tim Lefebvre - bass (4)
Danny Louis - B3 (4)
John Medeski - organ
Mitch Stein - guitars
Clifford Carter - keyboards
Andy Hess - bass