Steve Lukather:
"A load of work and a huge amount of fun is about happen.
Playing with Ringo on the Grammy's for the celebration of the Beatles and the next day filming the Beatle's 50th anniversary is a huge thrill and honor for me. It is surreal and wonderful at the same time cause it was 50 years ago I saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan at 7 years old and got a guitar and a copy of the first Beatles record and here I am about to be a part of the celebration of the greatest rock n roll band of all time, the best songwriters and the guys that changed my life and ALL of our lives forever.

I would like to give a special thanks to all 4 of them and to George Harrison for making the sounds that jumped into my soul and made me choose the guitar as my instrument and for his kindness to me... and to Paul for hiring me back in 1983 after working on Thriller with Michael Jackson and being so cool and to John, whom I never met but who touched us all...
I am truly honored and thankful for this opportunity and a very very special thanks to Ringo for... everything." (January 17th 2014)

Grammys25 1 2014