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  1. Reggie Boyle: Dreams do come true, Toto returns home at the Greek Theatre

    - By Arend, Aug 10, 2014 8:37 AM

    It was a warm, touching and huge night on August 7th for Toto playing at the quintessential venue in Los Angeles, the music capital of the World, the Greek Theatre. It seemed more like a family reunion than anything else. One of the first people I saw was Joe Porcaro as he walked in with another percussionist, Emil Richards. Porcaro, father of Jeff, Steve and Mike, all with Toto at one point told me "It's great to be here. I am excited and we get to see Michael McDonald too! I asked him if he'd seen Shannon Forrest yet and he said "I've known about him and followed him for years. He really is great!" As we spoke Porcaro family members walked by left and right. Part 1 shows the review of the Greek concert, part 2 the interview Reggie did with drummer Shannon Forest.


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