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    March 1, 2016

    Radio broadcast where they isolate all tracks from TOTO's Rosanna 

    In musician circles, the song is known for its highly influential namesake half-time shuffle, as well as the ending guitar solo played by guitarist Steve Lukather.

    The drum pattern is known as a "half-time shuffle", and shows "definite jazz influence". Featuring ghost notes and derived from the combination of what Jeff Porcaro called the "Bernard Purdie half-time shuffle" (Purdie shuffle) as well as the variation thereof John Bonham played on "Fool in the Rain" with the well-known Bo Diddley beat.

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Tour dates

  1. 24Jun2017
    Waterloo, NY USA
    Del Lago Resort and Casino-The Vine
  2. 25Jun2017
    Derry, NH USA
    Tupelo Music Hall
  3. 28Jun2017
    St. Charles, IL USA
    The Arcada Theatre
  4. 01Jul2017
    Salina, KS USA
    Stiefel Theatre for the Performing Arts
  5. 28Jul2017
    Hamina Finland
    Rockin’ Basioni

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