Toto (1978)

Toto (Columbia, 982 730 2)

After recording and touring with singer/songwriter Boz Scaggs and already frequently appearing as studio musicians, the Toto boys decided to start their own band. In 1978 they released their first album, simply called Toto.
The album and some of the singles (Hold the line, debut single, and Georgy Porgy) immediately reached a big audience. According to the tracklist it's clear that David Paich was the most important songwriter in the beginning of the Toto career.

Marty Friedman (Guitar World): "One of my all-time favorite harmonies was actually done a long time ago but, to me, never sounds dated. It happens at the tail end of Steve Lukather’s solo in Toto’s Hold the line, where he uses a harmony line as a crescendo at the climax of the solo. I personally think that, to harmonize a relatively small passage within a solo or a rhythm, or even just one note here and there, is much more interesting and also more modern-sounding than harmonizing a whole section." Steve Lukather in 2004: "We recorded the record in 1977 and the first single came in 1978 and we were off on the road working it. I remember the first time hearing Hold the line on the big FM radio in LA. I was so fucking happy. It felt amazing really. The dream was starting to come true!
It is still nice to hear yourself on the radio. I don’t freak out, I just smile and say: "Well, I just made some money" hahaha. It is strange to think that people around the entire world hear our music everyday. I mean, I wrote the stuff in my living room or with the guys in the studio. To think we transcend languages and customs and are beamed out to the masses, it is a trip."


  1. Child's anthem (David Paich)
  2. I'll supply the love (David Paich)
  3. Georgy Porgy (David Paich)
  4. Manuela run (David Paich)
  5. You are the flower (Bobby Kimball)
  6. Girl goodbye (David Paich)
  7. Takin' it back (Steve Porcaro)
  8. Rockmaker (David Paich)
  9. Hold the line (David Paich)
  10. Angela (David Paich)


Steve Lukather: guitars, vocals
David Paich: keyboards, vocals
David Hungate: bass
Jeff Porcaro: drums & percussion
Bobby Kimball: vocals
Steve Porcaro: keyboards

Additional musicians:
Joe Porcaro, Lenny Castro, Chuck Findley, Jim Horn, Roger Linn, Cheryl Lynn, Marty Paich and Sid Sharp.

Produced by Toto


  1. Hold the line
  2. Georgy Porgy
  3. I'll supply the love
Steve Lukather Side Image

Tour dates

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  1. 05Dec2023
    Erfurt Germany
    Messehalle Erfurt
    Night of the Proms
  2. 06Dec2023
    Hannover Germany
    ZAG Arena
    Night of the Proms
  3. 08Dec2023
    Hamburg Germany
    Barclays Arena
    Night of the Proms
  4. 09Dec2023
    Hamburg Germany
    Barclays Arena
    Night of the Proms
  5. 10Dec2023
    Bremen Germany
    Night of the Proms

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