Baked Potato super live (1982)

Mathieson, Greg Project (Cool Sound Cool, 035)

Steve Lukather: "WOW!!! Cool!!! I need a CD of that myself! A LOT of people in my travels ask about this record. It was GREAT and they were awesome times. My memories of that time are amongst my fondest. I learned SO much from Greg and all the guys. I took over for Larry Carlton!!!!!! That was heavy for me. I can't tell you how much I looked forward to playing every week... the growth I felt as a musi- cian was HUGE and the fun and the parties and the guys who came to sit in and watch etc... Shelly, Don, the OLD "spud" gang... It brings tears to my eyes.
I miss Jeff and his awaiting smile with a G+T (Gin & Tonic) in hand, always early talking to his fans and I would come in and he's give me a smile and a kiss and I knew the groove would be wicked. Greg... the fearless bandleader and impovisation master... and Pops... groovin and smiling like he got his first piece of ass... Hahaha GREAT times... and you can hear it in the music."

Jay Graydon: "The event that took place on December 13, 14 and 15 1981 when Greg Mathieson, Jeff Porcaro, Steve Lukather and 'Pops' Popwell recorded this live album at the Baked Potato in Los Angeles can only be described as "a moment in music". The recording required no studio overdubs or "fixing" whatsoever. This was a work of love and a gift to all fans of music. Enjoy! As noted in liner notes, this "live" album was originally recorded over three nights in December 1981. The music still sounds fresh! Exactly what you would expect from these great players! Kick back and enjoy!"

Lukather (in May 2003): "I was just hanging around and they all asked me. How could I say no?? Hahaha. NO rehearsal, just one soundcheck where we wrote 3 tunes, so it became more rock than jazz. A true "fusion" moment. Hahaha. I used a small deluxe reverband, a small Dumble 1/12 with a few stomp boxes, the FIRST tube screamer from Ibanez. I had 3 and they all got stolen. Wish I still had them! And a "Space echo" tape delay and a Boss Chorus pedal for stereo... the original one. Wish I still had THAT too."


  1. Bomp me (Mathieson, Lukather)
  2. Thank you (Mathieson)
  3. First time around (Popwell, Lukather)
  4. Goe (Mathieson)
  5. I don't know (Mathieson)
  6. I'm home (Mathieson)
  7. The spud shuffle (Mathieson, Lukather, Popwell, Porcaro)


Steve Lukather - guitars
Greg Mathieson - keyboards
Robert Popwell - bass
Jeff Porcaro - drums

Steve Lukather Side Image

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