Los Lobotomys (1989)

Los Lobotomys (Creatchy Records, CR-003)

Often mentioned as a Lukather album, but it's a Los Lobotomys one. This "what's in a name' matter occured frankly after the release of Candyman in 1994. In Europe Candyman was released as the second solo album of Steve Lukather. During the Candyman tour the band was differently announced as Steve Lukather & Los Lobotomys and later on as Los Lobotomys. In the Fachblatt Magazin Lukather himself stated that at first Candyman was something like a solo album but when touring, he said, Los Lobotomys became a real band with all the dynamics and feeling etc... In America Candyman was released as a Los Lobotomys album.

Anyhow Los Lobotomys is an occasional band by a bunch of musical friends in California, with Steve Lukather and David Garfield as core members. This eponymous record is recorded live on april 29th 1989 at the Complex, West Los Angeles, USA, and produced by David Garfield and Alan Hirshberg for Creatchy Productions.

The songs are instrumentals which vary from relaxed slow and midtempo fusion to uptempo heavy rock, like Smell Yourself (in an in memoriam on Jeff Porcaro Vinnie Colaiuta recalled: "We had so much fun when I guested briefly on Los Lobotomys. Double-drumming with Jeff was one of the high points of my career and my life").
A comic one is Purple Haze that ends right after the intro, because nobody knows the lyrics (compare this one to the Red House version on the Lukather single cd Borrowed Time and the Los Lobotomys version of Candyman, where Lukather starts yelling because a string of his guitar snaps at the end of a solo).


  1. Dismemberment (Lenny Castro, David Garfield)
  2. Oozer (Carlos Vega, David Garfield)
  3. Purple haze (Jimi Hendrix)
  4. Big bone (Jeff Porcaro, David Garfield)
  5. Jorainbo (Joe Sample, David Garfield)
  6. Lobotomy stew (Steve Lukather, David Garfield)
  7. Little wing (Jimi Hendrix)
  8. Smell yourself (Steve Lukather)
  9. All blues (Miles Davis)


Steve Lukather: guitar
David Garfield: keyboards
Jeff Porcaro: drums
Will Lee: bass
Brandon Fields: alto sax
Lenny Castro: percussion
Joe Sample: piano
Carlos Vega: drums
Vince Colaiuta: double drums

(Maxus Records version, released in 1992. Cover painting: Takayuki Terakado)
The Los Lobotomys album is recently reissued by David Garfield on his own label Creatchy Productions (CR-003). The cover painting of this reissue was made by Jeff Porcaro.