KIngdom of desire (1992)

Toto (Columbia, 471633 2)

Kingdom of desire was the last studio album with Jeff Porcaro on drums and the first with Lukather as a lead vocalist. The album was released shortly after Jeffrey passed away. There are several versions of this album. One with 12 songs (without Little wing), one with 11 songs (hereby no Little wing and no Kick down the walls) and a Japanese version with 13 songs, including the live version of Little wing from the 1990 Planet earth tour.


  1. Gypsy train (Toto)
  2. Don't chain my heart (Toto)
  3. Never enough (Toto, Fee Waybill)
  4. How many times (Toto)
  5. 2 Hearts (Toto)
  6. Wings of time (Toto)
  7. She knows the devil (Toto)
  8. The other side (D. Paich, W. Sherwood, R. Kaplan)
  9. Only you (Toto)
  10. Kick down the walls (D. Kortchmar, S. Lynch)
  11. Kingdom of desire (D. Kortchmar)
  12. Jake to the bone (Toto)
  13. Little wing* (Jimi Hendrix)

Little wing* (recorded live in 1990 in Paris) only appeared on the Japanese version of KOD.


Steve Lukather: guitars, lead vocals
David Paich: keyboards
Mike Porcaro: bass
Jeff Porcaro: drums & percussion
Steve Porcaro: keyboards

Produced by Toto and dedicated to Jeff Porcaro

Additional musicians:
Background vocals: John Elefante, Philip Ingram, Fred White, Alex Brown, Angel Rogers, Richard Page, Steven George, Bobby Womack, William Sherwood, Arnold McCuller, Kevin Dorsey, Stan Lynch, Jackie Mc Ghee, Phil Perry, Jenny Douglas-McRae
Lenny Castro, Chris Trujillo, Jim Keltner, Joe Porcaro: percussion
Gary Herbig: sax
Don Menza: sax
Chuck Findley: trumpet
C.J. Venston: pedal steel

Don't change my heart
2 Hearts
The other side
Only you