Candyman (1994)

Lukather, Steve (Los Lobotomys) (Columbia, 475964 2)

"This album was recorded, on and off, over the period of March 1993 to the mastering in November 1993. It was cut 90% live, solos and all, with the exception of the vocals being overdubbed or an occasional keyboard part or guitar, percussion etc. This was definitely a group effort with everyone putting their input and ideas into the songs. For those that have heard about the band Los Lobotomys, this is pretty much it, intact. My thanks and love to all the musicians and writers on the record, for I could not have done it without you. Love to Fletch for the great sounds and ideas." (Luke, November 1993.)


  1. Hero with a thousand eyes (Lukather, Garfield, Waybill)
  2. Freedom (Jimi Hendrix)
  3. Extinction blues (Lukather, Garfield, Waybill)
  4. Born yesterday (Lukather, Garfield, Waybill)
  5. Never walk alone (Lukather, Garfield)
  6. Party in Simon's pants (Lukather, Phillips)
  7. Borrowed time (Lukather, Garfield, Waybill)
  8. Never let them see you cry (Lukather, Garfield, Waybill)
  9. Froth (Lukather, Garfield)
  10. The bomber (Joe Walsh, Vince Guaraldi)
  11. Song for Jeff (Lukather, Garfield)
  12. Red house (Jimi Hendrix)


Steve Lukather, Simon Phillips, David Garfield, John PĂȘna, Chris Trujillo, Lenny Castro, Larry Klimas, Fee Waybill, Richard Page, David Paich, Paul Rodgers.

Steve Lukather - Borrowed time (1994, Columbia 660525 2)

  1. Borrowed time (edit)
  2. Red house
  3. Freedom

On the Los Lobotomys version (USA, Japan) you'll find the cover of the ultimate Hendrix blues song Red House as a bonus track. In Europe you can find Red House on the Luke single Borrowed time.

On the DTS Entertainment label, Candyman was released in 2002 as a 5.1 DTS album for DTS-Capable systems, produced by Steve Lukather and Tom Fletcher and 5.1 mixed by Elliot Scheiner.

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