Livefields (1999)

Toto (Columbia, 496204 9)

This is the second official live album by Toto, recorded in France during the first part of the Toto Reunion 99 World Tour, of course in 1999. At least that's what the rumour says. The info on the cd sleeve only mentions that the additional tracks on cd 2 are recorded live in France in March 1999. No further info on the live sources of cd 1. The only indication is given by Luke at the end of Tale of a man where he wishes the audience in Marseille a bon soir and explains that the concert will be recorded for a live album.

Livefields is a double album, with some extras on the second cd: three bonus tracks, two cd-rom videos and a link to a special web page. The Melanie video is directed by Phillipe Fondary and economically shown by European tv stations. The Cruel video was recorded and filmed in Yokohama (Japan) in April 1999, edited by Charles Randazzo and mixed (audio) by Simon Phillips. The album was released October 1rst 1999 (in Holland) and produced by Toto and Elliot Scheiner.


  1. Caught in the balance (Lukather, Paich, Phillips, Porcaro, Lynch, Kimball)
  2. Tale of a man (D. Paich)
  3. Rosanna (D. Paich)
  4. Luke solo (S. Lukather)
  5. Million miles away (D. Paich)
  6. Jake to the bone (S. Lukather, D. Paich, M. Porcaro, J. Porcaro)
  7. Simon solo (S. Phillips)
  8. Dave's gone skiing (S. Lukather, M. Porcaro, S. Phillips)
  9. Out of love* (S. Lukather, J-M. Byron)
  10. Mama* (D. Paich, B. Kimball)
  11. You are the flower* (B. Kimball)
  12. The road goes on (S. Lukather, David Paich, Glenn Ballard)
  13. Better world, parts I, II & III (Lukather, Paich, Phillips)
  14. Girl goodbye (D. Paich)
  15. David solo (D. Paich)
  16. White sister (D. Paich, B. Kimball)
  17. I will remember (S. Lukather, S. Lynch)
  18. Hold the line (D. Paich)
  19. I won't hold you back (S. Lukather)
  20. Melanie (cd-rom video) (S. Lukather, D. Paich, R. Goodrum)
  21. Cruel (cd-rom video) (J. Leiber, Phillips, Kimball, Lukather)


Steve Lukather: (lead) vocals, guitars
David Paich: keyboards, vocals
Mike Porcaro: bass
Simon Phillips: drums
Bobby Kimball: (lead) vocals

(* = acoustic set)
Tracks 17-21 = cd 2