Again (2006)

Jones, Ronnie (Nicolosi, 982187)

Ronnie Jones, born in Springfield, Massachusetts, is known as one of the most original and versatile singers in Europe, discovered by Alexis Korner (biography by Harry Shapiro), thanks to Dick Heckstall-Smith (Colloseum), back in the 60's. His versatility helped him gain the success and popularity he has achieved in Italy. He became known as the first foreign DJ in Italy, both for radio and television. As an actor in the theatre, along with Renato Zero, Teo Teocoli and Loredana Berté Ronnie played in the cast of the musical Hair.


  1. Rainy night in Georgia (White)
  2. Just give me that luvin' (Foglio, Jones)
  3. Do it again (Becker, Fagan)
  4. Waiting in vain (Marley)
  5. My lady (Foglio, Jones)
  6. People (Foglio, Jones)
  7. I am who I am (Foglio, Jones)
  8. Play that funky music (Parissi)
  9. My woman (Jones, Mammoliti, Poggiani)
  10. Drowning in the deep blue sea (Foglio, Jones)
  11. (What a) Wonderful world (Adler, Alpert, Cooke)


Ronnie Jones - vocals
Pino Nicolosi - keyboards, bass synth
Emilio Foglio - guitars
Marco Fadda - percussion, drums
Rosanna Nicolosi - bass
Fabrizio Bosso - trombone
Riccardo Fioravanti - contra bass
Billy Cobham - drums
Joyce E. Yulie - vocals
Steve Lukather - guitars (1)
Bill Evans - sax