Falling in Between (2006)

Toto (Frontiers Records, FR CD 273)

Toto's first self written studio album since the last Sony studio record Mindfields (1999), is called Falling in between. Falling in between is primarly a group effort, written by the band as a whole.

Lukather: "Falling in between is artsy and cool sounding and it defines us musically as falling in between styles and falling in between being young and old... It describes our music as no one can put us in one box style wise, never have been able to. We have fallen in between the cracks as we play so many styles. This is what pisses critics off. Versatility. They want there "rock music" very simple a defined. 2 things which we are not, hahaha. It also defines where we are at in terms of our lives. We are not young, yet we are not old yet either. Falling in between is also the lead track on the record. I think its more a 'Pink Floyd esque' title myself and thats what we are goin for…I think having Steve Porcaro put his magic synth work on the stuff gave it an old school yet fresh toto sound to it. It wasn't really thought out but yet we wanted it to be like that."

Lukather: "Its not the "same old same old" at all. We are digging deep and we know there are high expectations as some feel we have not done anything relevant in awhile. Mindfields was a start and a reunion with Bobby. I see the flaws but there was some good stuff as well, depending if you like us or not, hahaha... BUT, now that we have been playing live and living and breathing the concept of doing something that we feel is living up to our potential... well it feels good and we are really trying as hard as we can. If this is the last record we ever make (it won’t be, I hope), I can walk away knowing we threw DOWN the best we got. I hope the fans will all enjoy and appreciate the love and passion that went into making Falling in between."

Lukather: "Frontiers, that's belief! WAY better than fucking Sony Records who we made 250 MILLION dollars for! Not even a "reach-around" after 25 years. Fuck them, hahaha. For real. Shit, if we counted records we did outside of Toto JUST for Sony, forget about all the other labels, we could own the fucking place. Hahaha BUT... I digress... As for being "Dated"… well, yeah we are dated. I am gonna be 48 Friday and I am the youngest guy in the band. We have spent over 8 months and OUR $$ and time on our own to TRY and do our personal best for you and US. Now, having said that I know whatever we do someone will not dig it and others will."

The making of Falling in Between


  1. Falling in between (Lukather, Paich, Phillips, Porcaro, Kimball, Phillinganes)
  2. Dying on my feet (Lukather, Paich, Phillips, Porcaro, Kimball)
  3. Bottom of your soul (Lukather, Paich, Phillips, Porcaro, Kimball)
  4. King of the world (Lukather, Paich, Phillips, Porcaro, Kimball, Steve Porcaro)
  5. Hooked (Lukather, Paich, Phillips, Porcaro, Kimball)
  6. Simple life (Steve Lukather)
  7. Taint your world (Lukather, Paich, Phillips, Porcaro, Kimball)
  8. Let it go (Lukather, Paich, Phillips, Porcaro, Kimball, Phillinganes)
  9. Spiritual man (David Paich)
  10. No end in sight (Lukather, Paich, Phillips, Porcaro, Kimball)
  11. The reeferman (Lukather, Paich, Phillips, Porcaro [Japan bonus])


Steve Lukather - guitars, piano (6), lead vocals (3) (4) (6) (10)
Bobby Kimball - lead vocals (1) (2) (4) (5) (7) (9) (10)
David Paich - keyboards, lead vocals (4) (9)
Greg Phillinganes - keyboards, lead vocals (1) (8) (9)
Mike Porcaro - bass
Simon Phillips - drums, percussion

Additional musicians:
Steve Porcaro - keyboards, programming, sound design (1) (2) (4) (5) (7) (8) (10)
Joseph Williams - lead vocals (3)
Lenny Castro - percussion (2) (3) (6) (8) (9) (10) (11)
Ian Anderson - flute (5)
Jason Scheff - vocals (1) (3) (4)
Shenkar (fka L. Shankar) - vocals, violin (1) (3)
Roy Hargrove - trumpet, flügelhorn (11)
James Pankow - trombone (2)
Lee Thornburg - trumpet (2)
Ray Hermann - tenor sax (2)
Tom Scott - sax (9)
Monet - bg vocals (9)
Trevor Lukather - bg vocals (5)
James Thorme - bg vocals (5)

Engineerd: Simon Phillips
Assistant engineering: Stefan Nordin
Additional engineering: Miking Ging & Phil Soussan
Mixing: Steve McaMillan
Mastering: Stephen Marcussen

The album release was anticipated during January 2006 by the launch on all radios of the single Bottom of Your Soul, a song which - in the words of David Paich - is Toto’s “PRAYER FOR PEACE” and that features Joseph Williams singing in duet with Steve Lukather. Reefer man will be a bonus track on the Japanese release.

To celebrate the band’s return to Europe, Frontiers Records launched the release of the Bottom Of your soul – Summer 2006 tour edition: a maxi single, set to include an edit version of Bottom Of your soul – the first radio single off the album - and two exclusive live tracks: Gypsy train (recorded live at Gampel Festival in Switzerland, August 2004) and a brilliant medley (as performed on the German ZDF TV show “Wetten Dass!?”) featuring the band’s timeless hits: Africa, Rosanna and Bottom Of your soul, recorded live in Bordeaux, France. The inclusion of the album version of Bottom Of your soul is the closing song of this collector’s item.

Toto - Bottom of your soul, Summer 2006 - Tour edition (2006, Frontiers, FR CD 296)

  1. Bottom of your soul (radio edit) (Paich, Lukather, Phillips, Kimball, Porcaro)
  2. Gypsy train (Paich, Lukather, J. & M. Porcaro)
  3. Africa/Rosanna/Bottom of your soul (TV mix medley) (Paich/Paich/Toto)
  4. Bottom of your soul (album version) (Paich, Lukather, Phillips, Kimball, Porcaro)