All's well that ends well (2010)

Lukather, Steve (Mascot Records, M 7308 2)

In 2010 Steve Lukather was having a bad year. “The worst of my life,” the rock guitar legend amplifies. “My personal life is in shambles. I’m getting a divorce from the mother of my youngest child. My mother died. I’m seeing a shrink twice a week and I’m trying to figure out just exactly what my place is supposed to be in this world — which, I might add, is a mess in its own right.”

And yet, his 6th solo album with the tongue-in-cheek title All’s Well That Ends Well offers a wide range of musical styles along with some very personal and unique songwriting with a flawless production. The songs on this album range from ambient soft Rock, AOR, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Ambient and Pop all packed with one instantly recognizable constant…..Steve’s superb guitar work. The lyrics over the entire record have a very personal feel to them making each song memorable not only for it’s musicality but also it’s personal insight.

Lukather: "I’m very excited because I have some great new music. I tried for a personal best and worked very hard on all aspects of music. It’s a journey that’s for sure. It is a VERY personal record. You have to check it out in October and tell ME. There is plenty of music on there, almost 50 minutes. That's ENOUGH. Records used to be no more than 38 minutes tops! Keeps your attention.”

The making of All's Well That Ends Well


  1. Darkness in my world (Steve Lukather, CJ Vanston)
  2. On my way home (Steve Lukather, CJ Vanston)
  3. Can't look back (Steve Lukather, CJ Vanston)
  4. Don't say it's over (Steve Lukather, CJ Vanston)
  5. Flash in the pan (Steve Lukather, Fee Waybill)
  6. Watching the world (Steve Lukather, CJ Vanston)
  7. You'll remember (Steve Lukather, Steve Weingart, Fee Waybill)
  8. Brodie's (Steve Lukather, Randy Goodrum)
  9. Tumescent (Steve Lukather, Steve Weingart , Carltios Del Puerta, Eric Valentine)


Steve Lukather - all guitars, lead & bg vocals
CJ Vanston - keyboards, atmospheres
Steve Weingart - keyboards and atmospheres
Carlitos Del Puerto - bass
Eric Valentine - drums
Lenny Castro - percussion
Joseph Williams, Phil Collen (3) (4), CJ Vanston (3) - background voacals
Trev Lukather - power guitar (4)
Tina Lukather - background vocals (1)
Fee Waybill - background vocals (5) (7)
Bernard Fowler - background vocals (1)
Jory Steinberg - background vocals ((1) (2) (8)

Production - Steve Lukather, CJ Vanston, Steve MacMillan
Recording - Steve MacMillan
Mixing & additional recording - CJ Vanston
Photography - Ash Newell
Video - Nigel Dick

Steve Lukather Side Image

Tour dates

  1. 30Dec2018
    Marion Bay, AU Australia
    Australia at Falls Festival
  2. 31Dec2018
    Lorne, AU Australia
    Australia at Falls Festival
  3. 02Jan2019
    Byron Bay, AU Australia
    Australia at Falls Festival
  4. 06Jan2019
    Fremantle, AU Australia
    Australia at Falls Festival
  5. 09Jan2019
    Mount Maunganui New Zealand
    New Zealand at ASB Bay Park

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