Now & Then (2016)

Tolle, Christian (Fast Ball, LC15471)

The fourth C.T.P. release Now & Then is a very special one: Christian revisited some of his best tunes from the past and re-recorded them: "Changed", "Taking a risk" and "87 99" from the album "Better Than Dreams" (2000) and "Enemy", "The real thing", "On and on" and "Back to the moon" from the album "The Real Thing" (2005). He also added a bunch of great new tracks and wrapped everything in a very organic production.

As a result, the musical range is widespread: Rock bangers like "Dumped", stomping Rock Blues like "Magic Pudding" or West Coast hightlights like "Taking A Risk" or "Hard To Find" combine the whole array of handmade classic rock. Simply put: pure variety, powerful songs.This is simply his best release so far! A wide variety of classic rock tunes, from hard pushing uptempo tracks to catchy AOR anthems.


01 Dumped (Christian Tolle, Michael Voss)
02 Magic Pudding (Christian Tolle, David Reece)
03 The Real Thing (Christian Tolle, Steve Barnes, Amy Antin)
04 Taking A Risk (Christian Tolle, Steve Barnes, Markus Mengen, Amy Antin)
05 Changed (Christian Tolle, Steve Barnes, Amy Antin)
06 The Price Of Love (Christian Tolle, David Reece)
07 Hard To Find (Christian Tolle, Michael Voss)
08 Back To The Moon (Christian Tolle, Amy Antin)
09 On And On (Christian Tolle, Darin Scheff)
10 One Night Alone (Christian Tolle, Amy Antin)
11 Enemy (Christian Tolle, Lauren Scheff, John Cuijpers, Amy Antin)
12 87 99 (Christian Tolle, Markus Mengen)
13 Changed (bonus Track) (Christian Tolle, Steve Barnes, Amy Antin)


Christian Tolle: guitars, bass
Steve Lukather: guitar solo (3, 5, 8, 12, 13)
John Parr: vocals
Philip Bardowell: vocals
Rick Riso: vocals
David Reece: vocals
John Cuijpers: vocals
Michael Voss: vocals
Michael Landau: guitar solo (6)
Tim Pierce: guitar solo (9)
Doug Aldrich: guitar solo (11)
Chuck Wright: bass
Lauren Scheff: bass
Raymond Herville: drums
Morris Adriaens: keyboards, backing vocals

Steve Lukather Side Image

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