In concert (2002)

Steve Lukather & Los Lobotomys (INAK, 6512)

This (DVD) live performance of Steve Lukather and Los Lobotomys was filmed at the Ohne Filter Studio from the SWR station in Germany, on June 29th 1994.
Lukather and Los Lobotomys were touring that year to promote Lukather's second solo album Candyman. The songs filmed in the Ohne Filter Studio are all coming from that album, with the exception of Dismemberment from the 1989 Los Lobotmys album.


  1. Hero With A 1000 Eyes (S. Lukather, D. Garfield)
  2. Freedom (J. Hendrix)
  3. Extinction blues (S. Lukather, D. Garfield, F. Waybill)
  4. Dismemberment (L. Castro, D. Garfield)
  5. Never walk alone (S. Lukather, D. Garfield)
  6. The bomber (J. Walsh)
  7. Party in Simon's pants (S. Lukather, S. Phillips)

  8. Interview with the producer of Ohne Filter
  9. Biography Steve Lukather
  10. Sound tuning


Steve Lukather: guitars, voacals
David Garfield: keyboards
John PĂȘna: bass
Simon Phillips: drums

Steve Lukather Side Image

Tour dates

  1. 11Feb2018
    Helsinki Finland
  2. 12Feb2018
    Tallinn Estonia
    Nordea Concert Hall
  3. 14Feb2018
    Stockholm Sweden
  4. 16Feb2018
    Oslo Norway
  5. 17Feb2018
    Copenhagen Denmark

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