25th Anniversary live in Amsterdam (2003)

Toto (Eagle Vision, EREDV 325)

In January 2003 Toto signed a deal with Eagle Rock Productions (UK) to film, produce and distribute a live concert DVD with footage material during Toto's 25th anniversary tour Through the looking glass. Toto decided to film the concert in the Heineken Music Hall on February 17th 2003 in Amsterdam, Holland. The intention was to make a 1h 43m DVD with a 1h 30m live registration of the show in Amsterdam, completed with different footage material.

After analysing and judging the recordings Steve Lukather and Simon Phillips compiled and edited the audio part of the live show. After that Eagle Rock Productions edited the video part and the footage, in co-operation with the band.

The shooting started on February 17th at 12.00 hours in Amsterdam, with behind the scenes stuff, an early soundcheck and a pre-concert. During the concert registration in the evening Eagle RP used 16 cameras in the Heineken Music Hall to film the show and the 6000 people in the audience.

During the concert in Zwolle on February 15th the band tried out some experiments in the arrangements of a couple of songs and the solo sets of Lukather (a Pinball wizard reference in the middle of his set), Paich and Phillips (a drum pattern at the frontside of his bass drums). Lukather also changed or extended some of his guitar solos in songs like Rosanna, White sister, Hold the line and Bodhisattva.

Most of the changes were maintained in Amsterdam. Although all the guys in the band prepared themselves with the attitude to play a regular concert, it was clear from the very first minute that they all wanted to give the best possible extras. The audience also did their utmost to create a great atmosphere. Together the band and the audience made the best possible party for a live show on DVD!

Luke about the DVD: "Overall it sounds great, I would have liked to recorded a few more shows to have chosen some other takes for ME..., but it's real, it's live and it's not perfect. I wish I would have been more "ON" that night. It is really powerful and Simon did a fantastic job mixing, I came in at the end and tweaked all the mixes with Simon and Mike did an amazing job editing our B-reel stuff, all the stupid, insane, funny shit we do backstage and in Japan and Europe. It's hysterical and really shows the band in a light that no one really sees. Hahaha."

Lukather in 2004: "I was REALLY sick that night and going thru a difficult period in my life. I was on all kinds of medication and was totally burnt. I thought I played like shit on it. I wasn’t in the moment. I was sick and over-medicated and on the wrong stuff. I was boozing too much too. Sorry for that. I am only human and subject to human mistakes. I am 1000% better now and back to my old self. The road will change your life, isolation, loneliness, people scream for you and then you go home alone and go to bed missing your loved ones, not getting enough sleep, eating badly or not at all and after being out for months and months at a time you can get lost in it. It is very common for guys like us. I still love it but you got to police yourself otherwise it is easy to fall into the after show partying every night. At my age I just don’t have the chops anymore. I used to but, hahaha, well you know, hahaha. Having said all that, there are some great things on the DVD. The production, the looks and sound are great. Love the B reel stuff. We do have fun out there. Simon did an amazing job on the 5.1 mixes and the director and the camera guys, the editor's were way cool as well."

Bobby Kimball about the DVD: "Especially Simon (Phillips) did an incredible job. He's a perfectionist, so it took some time, but the sound of the DVD is a killer. It will blow away everybody, it's the best possible live DVD we could ever release. I'm sure we'll surprise our fans in a possitive way and we'll reach out for a new audience as well. I'm very proud of it, in fact we're all very proud!!!"

The DVD also includes around 35 minutes of bonus behind the scenes footage and interviews recorded at various stops on the Through the looking glass tour including Japan, Thailand, South Korea and France. Ltd edition slipcase.

Format: DVD9
Screen format: 16:9
Sound formats: Dolby Digital Stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS Surround Sound
Running time: approx 133 minutes
The DVD is released in Europe on PAL and in the USA on NTSC.

Note: On the track listing at the box sleeve the David Paich solo (99), Paul meets Chani (Dune) and Don't stop me now are incorporated in the song Africa.


  1. Medley 1 (David Paich)
  2. Gift with a golden gun (D. Paich, B. Kimball)
  3. While my guitar gently weeps (George Harrison)
  4. Bodhisattva (Donald Fagen, Walter Becker)
  5. Africa (D. Paich, J. Porcaro)
  6. David Paich solo (99) (David Paich)
  7. Paul meets Chani (Dune)/Don't stop me now (Toto/S. Lukather, D. Paich)
  8. Medley 2 (D. Paich, B. Kimball, J. Porcaro, S. Porcaro, J. Williams)
  9. I won't hold you back (S. Lukather)
  10. Rosanna (David Paich)
  11. Afraid of love (Steve Lukather, David Paich, Jeff Porcaro)
  12. Hold the line (David Paich)
  13. I can't get next to you (Barrett Strong, Norman Whitfield)
  14. Home of the brave (D. Paich, S. Lukather, J. Webb & J. Williams)
  15. White sister (David Paich, Bobby Kimball)
  16. End credits (Eagle Vision)

Medley 1:
Girl goodbye/Goodbye Elenore/Child's anthem/I'll supply the love (David Paich)
Medley 2:
Waiting for your love/Georgy Porgy/Lion/English eyes/Till the end (D. Paich, B. Kimball, J. Porcaro, S. Porcaro, J. Williams)

Through the looking glass (footage):
"Achtung! The following film is intended for immature adult audiences and is not suitable for viewing by violent children, precious children or... well, children in general."

  • Japan (12-19-2002)
  • Dinner with mr. Udo
  • The bowling match
  • South Korea & Thailand (12-20/23-2002)
  • France (1-24-2003/2-19-2003)
  • Tour venues and dates


Camera by Shawn, Martin, Luke and Mike!

Steve Lukather: guitars, vocals
David Paich: keyboards, vocals
Simon Phillips: drums
Mike Porcaro: bass
Bobby Kimball: vocals
John Jessel: keyboards, vocals, programming
Tony Spinner: guitars, vocals

Steve Lukather Side Image

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