Everytime I buy a ticket to see Steve Lukather play I feel like I didn't pay enough money. Doves of Fire (Lukather, Simon Phillips, Jeff Babko & Melvin Davis) put on an incredible display of musical talent. Lukather was in fine form again. His searing solos are an absolute joy to watch. His solo on Song for Jeff (tribute to his "brother" Jeff Pocaro) was wonderful. Simon Phillips is an absolute monster on the drums. He goes all out non-stop from the first note to the last. Lukather was his usual comedic self. You know he is always having a great time when he plays live. He truly appreciates the talent he has on stage with him. The crowd including Edgar Winter, Fee Wabill (Tubes) & Mike Pocaro enjoyed every minute of the show!

Set List: Birds of Fire, Taurian matador, Miles beyond, Crosswind, Space boogie, Song for Jeff, Celestial terrestrial commuters, Stratos, Party in Simons pants & Led boots.

SteveLukather.com, March 10th 2002