Lack of a sound check and late arriving equipment couldn't stop the well oiled machine that is Toto. Steve Lukather was his dazzling self once again. His solo on I won't hold you back was awe inspiring. Luke always knows when to turn it up a notch without going too far. He knows when to turn it down a notch to bring the house down with his sizzling clean solos. He dedicated one of his many guitar jams to the "musos" in the crowd. Bobby Kimball was in fine form from the start. Kimball was possibly inspired by the soulful former Doobie Brothers lead vocalist Michael McDonald who opened the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix show.

Toto started off the set with with the Steely Dan classic Bodhisattva from the forthcoming covers only album. Later they also played Bob Marley's Could you be loved from the 25th anniversary album. Never to be forgotten at a Toto show is Jeff Porcaro. Luke once again dedicated Jake to the bone to his "brother".

The stage set-up provided the fans a different perspective of the band. The circular stage was in the middle of the arena completely surrounded by the audience. The stage rotated non-stop throughout the night. This gave Toto fans a closer look and greater appreciation for the thunderous drumming of Simon Phillips. Phillips is a tremendous part of this talented band. Simon is also Luke's partner in his many side projects. It also provided everyone with an up close at Luke. At some point in the night it felt like Luke was looking at every single fan. The night ended with Michael McDonald joining Toto on stage for the FM classic hit Hold the line. Home of the brave was the encore number that sent everyone home with a smile on their face. Once again Luke & Toto won over new fans.

Setlist: Bodhisattva, Goodbye girl, Africa, You Could be loved, Jake to the bone, I Won't hold you back, Georgy Porgy, Rosanna, Hold the line (w/ Michael McDonald) & Home of the brave., August 3rd 2002