Album info Ever changing times

December 8th 2007:
Lukather: "Only used my Music Man LUKE guitars and you will hear the diversity in tones. I also only used vintage amps, old AC-30, Supro, Magnatone, old Gibson amps and my sons Marshall just plugged straight in. All efx were done at the console by my engineer co-producer Steve Macmillin. He is Trevor Horn-Mutt Langes guy to name a few. He is crazy.
Trev came up with some awesome riffs. He is coming along quite well. I dont wanna jinx it but it looks like he will be on TV next year so you will be able to catch him and dig his thing."

September 26th 2007:
Lukather: My solo record drops end of Februari 2008 and I will be touring May thru the summer and maybe longer if it does well. I have yet to put a band together but I will and rehearsals start in April after Toto. My record is called "Ever Changing Times". Rather timely for me. Hahaha.

I have thought about what I wanna do for my next solo tour. I think I have done alot of "fusion" stuff the last few tours with Carlton and then El Grupo so I think as my new solo record is a rock/ vocal/ song record I will be doing THAT sort of stuff and play songs off all my solo records. Not to say I won't jam a bit but I will be doing the rock/vocal stuff mostly. I don't have a complete band yet but I am putting the feelers out to the cats I would feel good about working with in this senario and when I get it together I will let ya know. At some point (not now) I will poll you guys as to what tunes you might wanna hear so I can get some idea of what to do.
I am not gonna start rehearsing till April 2008 so I have alot of time to throw ideas around. So far the tour will be in Europe and Japan and Asia. I would LOVE to do more but I guess it all depends on how well it does. I will have alot more info soon so this is just a teaser.

May 22nd 2007:
Lukather: "I am about 8 mixes into my solo record being done and it's comin out really good. Macmillin is just too much. What a talent for mixing! Too bad it won't be out till February next year. I gotta fulfill all the Toto commitments through November and I am havin a baby girl as well. Life is a trip. Hahaha. My new record company wants to make sure I promote the hell out of this thing and there just is no time in my schedule at this point till next year. I will be toruing myself alot next year as well with some surprises that hopefully will come true."

May 12th 2007:
Lukather: "Hey you all. A hectic week but I got alot done! 4 1/2 mixes are done for my record and it's just been a crazy week. My son's birthday (20) and My 5 year wedding anniversary , my daughter Tina's 22nd birthday and Mothers day Sunday. And I am remodling my LA house... jeez I need a vacation. Hahaha.
Happy birthday to "Mein" Greg! He is roughing it in the Bahamas playing with Stevie Wonder... must be nice, hahaha.
I am gonna chill and go see a movie with the wife and keep it mellow. I am thinking a comedy would be good. Have a good one and I will check in soon, Luke."

May 8th 2007:
Lukather: "Back in the trenches. I have 2 mixes done for my solo record which I am really happy with. Steve Macmillin is a BAD MO-FO! I should be done before Toto goes back out on May 23rd but wont be out till Xmas or January 2008 cause of my Toto schedule. I gotta do pre-promotion and I am booked solid, that's why the long wait. Sorry. Worked on the DVD today , which looks awesome and sounds great and I'll be back to my stuff tomorow.
My son has a showcase for Geffen/Interscope records tommorow night as they are interested in signing him. Send him some love."

April 27th 2007:
Lukather: "I am in the desert relaxing for the first time in months and have finished all recording (except a soprano sax part) and MAC starts pre mixes today. I am VERY happy and proud of this work! I think you all will really dig it!!!"

April 26th 2007:
Lukather: "I start mixing today!! Actually MAC starts mixing today! I had Joe Williams in yesterday and he KILLED it on 3 tunes and Trev and Bernard Fowler (Rolling Stones) threw down some BG's as well. I have ONE overdub to do. Soprano sax fills on a song called I AM. I have calls out to my 3 faves to we will see who calls back. Hahaha.
I am now taking a long weekend off with my wife to chill before we leave on Tuesday to play our first USA dates. Hoping we do well this time out. Please come out and see us. Fergie will be sitting in for the first time in 20 years in Minniappolis and that should be a blast. Joe is playing on all 4 Los Angeles dates. who knows what the future may bring. I might dress up like Byron and get a dread wig, a sherrifs badge and a cock piece? Whatcha think? Hahaha!"

April 25th 2007:
Lukather: "Well I am 2 days away from finishing all recording and then Mac starts to mix. I have Joe Williams in today for some backround vocals , one guitar solo left and a few bits and pieces and then I get to hear the record done by the end of the month. I THINK they are gonna hold the release till the end of the year or even January 2008 due to the fact that I will be out with Toto till October 2007 and then I am taking off the month of October to hang with my little girl, yes its a girl!!... and then I will start the worldwide promo tour and start gearing up for a solo tour to follow. It will be busy.
I have had a "mystery guest?" hanging at the studio alot lately. I wont say who BUT he is a VERY famous singer that used to be in a HUGE American band and he hasn't done anything in years. Good to see him again and he has taken a shine to Trevor, my son, and Trev is being courted by 2 major labels for his music. We shall see who wins and comes up with the $$ and commitment! Life is a trip... enjoy it! Lots o love, Luke"

April 24th 2007:
Lukather: "The record should be finished this week, then I go out with Toto and mix my record. Then I can chill a LITTLE in between legs once the mixes are done. I am turning in the record June 1st but it won't be out till January 2008 in order to set things up right etc...
It's going great in the studio. I am almost done with all the recording. I just am finishing the one instrumental piece I wrote for the record that is just me and featuring Steve Porcaro's awesome orchestration. It's a really cool piece and a production extravaganzo. Hahaha. Joseph Williams is coming in to sing some background vocals on Tuesday for my solo record and we have alwasy been good friends thru the years."

April 16th 2007:
Lukather: "I am happy to be workin on my solo stuff again. Nice to have fresh ears on it. Doing lead vocals and guitars and a few other overdubs and must be done with all recording by April 27th. Mixing starts right after I leave and it should be turned in around June 2nd. NOW I gotta find a title for the record! Hahaha, I KNOW what you are thinking. How sick will I be? Well, I think I might go to the more serious as the music is serious. I am very proud of what we have been doing here. Steve Macmillin is a genius and the stuff sounds fresh and I play ALOT of guitar solo's. Hahaha. It's NOT fusion, it's... I am hoping you will all dig it! I am planning on touring alot next year after Toto is finished.
After I am done with my CD we gotta mix and fix the Toto Paris DVD and get that out before the end of the year. My record may come out in January 2008 as We need alot of lead time to get it ready and pre-promo stuff and with all the other Toto touring and mixing I don't have alot of time. And... Oh yeah , I am having a Baby! Hahaha. Life is a trip, Luke."

April 12th 2007:
Lukather: "Hey everyone, I am back in finishing the record. Doing the last of the vocals and guitars and a few little bits and pieces and then we mix. SHOULD be done in a month or so. I finished a lead vocal on a song called "Ever changing times". Very relevant title for me! I THINK it will come out end of the year or 1st of January 2008 now as they want ALOT of lead time to do all the prom stuff. They have some GREAT ideas and hoping it all comes together as this new record is a labor of love. I appreciate the support and hope to see you guys out there somewhere. Luke"

April 10th 2007:
Lukather: "I start back on my solo record tommorow and will work night and day till we head back out with Toto May 1st for the first of the USA dates. We are gonna give the USA ONE more chance to catch on this year and if it doesn't, we will retire from trying."

February 28th 2007:
Lukather: "We (Trevor, Abe, Goodrum, Sklar and me) got the last 2 trax. After I get back from a Toto month I go right back into finish this fucker and more touring with Toto... It's gonna be BUSY! I WILL be touring behind my solo record and there is a possible HUGE surprise for the Fall prior to my solo release and some other VERY interesting things in the wind. Let's just say that *I* will not be on vacation for a few years. Hahaha, I LOVE all you guys and I am gonna come visit and play gigs after Toto winds down for a while after almost 2 years on the road. Have a good one, Luke"

February 15th 2007:
Lukather: "It went great with Bill. we had a blast. He did 2 BGV's for me and I did 2 tunes for him. I think we are both quite happy! It has ben a 30 year friendship and we had alot of laughs remembering the "old days".

Also going over lyrics with Phil Soussan on the tune we wrote with Trevor, Mathieson is coming in to do a Hammond part for me, more guitar and vocals from me after that, I am havin dinner with Steve Vai tonight, that will be cool as I love the guy and we are both so busy it's hard to catch up.

Bernard Fowler (vocals for the Stones) dropped by and I put him on a wild ass track called Jammin with Jesus and Mathieson played some "satanic" hammond on it as well. This track will scare people. Hahaha.
Steve Vai is on his way to pick us up for a dinner hang after work as our friend Matt Resnicoff is in town from NYC. What a life... Making alot of progress and it sounds like a record now. Just 2 more to cut on the 26th and I am almost done. Toto rehersals start Monday so it's ying and yang and more yang. Hahaha."

February 14th 2007:
Lukather: "Today Bill Champlin is comin in. We are trading each other overdubs. I am gonna do some guitar for him and he is gonna sing some BG's for me. Should be fun. I have known Bill for 30 YEARS! Yikes... how does the time go so fast? Obviously taking a half day so I can spend the rest with my wife and My daughter and son.
I cant believe we start Toto rehearsals next week. This year is flyin by and LOTS of interesting surprises on there way for sure! Gonna be a busy year!"

February 8th 2007:
Lukather: "I am in the studio at 11am with Jeff Babko working on a song we wrote with Stan Lynch (Tom Petty-Don Henley fame as well as Toto collabortator) and then off to shred at the Baked Potato. I hope to see some of you there and as it seems it is going to go really well, I am sure we will do it again down the line.
Bill Champlin is coming in next week February 14th. I am doing a solo for him and he is repaying me by doing some background vocals. The NEW way to do sessions. Hahaha."

February 7th 2007:
Lukather: "I have been doing vocals on my record and it's comin out great. I had my daughter Tina in yesterday to do a little background part so I have the whole family on there which is way cool for me. The last time was when I did the Candyman record in 1993 and they were teeny kids. You can hear them singing "who can take his eye out" at the end of the whole record. Hahaha. Edit to 14 years later... time flies.
I just am finishing the last 2 songs for my record. One I am writing with Rodney Crowell and one more with Trevor, Randy Goodrum and myself that we are gonna cut the week ot the 26th and the last one Steve Porcaro and I are working on as well."

February 5th 2007:
Lukather: "I am doing background vocals now, alot myself, but I am looking for a few guests in that department. I am doing a solo for Bill Champlin for his solo record and he is a gonna pay me back by singing a few things for me. I have lead vocals to do in the coming 2 weeks and then it will be pretty much done. I have 2 more songs we have written and I will cut those in a few weeks in the meantime finishing what I have. I am a little ahead of schedule which is awesome."

February 3rd 2007:
Lukather: "Just finished a great week in the studio. I have almost all the guitar done on the first 9. I am cutting 2 more in a few weeks and doing vocals now and they are coming along real well and it's starting to sound like a record now. I have been really pushing myself on all this stuff. I am more focused and clear than I have been in years and that's feelin good. Something inspired me after the turn of 2006 to REALLY sit down and re-evaluate what's important to me musically and in life. Must be that 50 creepin up on my old ass. haha I still have till OCT 21st to wallow in my 40's. Hahaha.
I have been practicing every morning and the chops are gettin up. I have the gig at the Baked Potato next FRI and SAT and I want to be roasting for the occassion! I hear people are flying in from around the world to see us jam. What a trip, in EVERY way. Hahaha.
It's nice to have a few days off although I will be writing but it's not like working 10 hours a day. Hope everyone has a great weekend. It's cool but very clear and blue skies in LA. I think will take my dog Swink for a walk. It's the simple life I dig... Luke."

February 1st 2007:
Lukather: "I am making huge headway in the record. My songwriting partner and A+R guy Randy Goodrum is in town and it's all going well. I am almost done with all the guitar parts on 8 tunes. I have some really rippin guitar solo's this time out. I was "subdued" on the last Toto record but no more. LOTS of them as well. Hahaha. I need to write 2 more and I am done but I am doin vocals now and it's all sounding like a record. Macmillin has been awesome with his input and ideas pushin me to dig deeper and deeper, like my proctologist! Hahaha.
I got a CD in the mail from Simon yesterday with the new "old" songs we are workin up for the next Toto leg and that will be cool to add some fresh new tunes for this year. I am also listening to the baled Potato "super live" record we did 28 YEARS AGO! Damn.. time flies. I miss Jeff, he totally shredded on this CD. It sounds old (my sound anyway) but it has a "vine" to it that sparks many a happy memory. Funny how fast the time went and how fast it's goin! I am havin fun anyway."

January 26th 2007:
Lukather: "I started the day with Steve Porcaro as we are doing a really cool instrumental extravaganzo, so I needed to play him the piece and record a demo for him he could start gettin his head into it. After that I headed to the Steakhouse where I spent a few hours doing some more guitars and then Lenny Castro showed up and KILLED 6 tunes! Lenny has a really special 'feel" that no one else has and he brought his best in and brought more life into the trax. I am stoked.
Reggie Boyle stopped in to dig what was happening and he will have his own reports soon. I didn't want him to give up TOO much as I have alot more to do BUT he will give you an overview and his personal thoughts anyway.
I am taking my last long weekend as I will need it! When I resume next week its "balls to the wall's" till I start rehearsals with Toto and then back in the studio till the day we leave , out for a month, a few days off then back into the studio to finish my record. I am gonna write and record a few more new songs to fill out the record. I need a few more rockers to even the flow. I will check in next week. Have a great weekend y'all! Luke."

January 25th 2007:
Lukather: "I had a blast yesterday! I did guitars in the morning (for example on a new power ballad called Never ending night) and MAC and I am really getting some great tones, new yet with a retro flavor as I am using all vintage amps and EFX and layering things "old school". The sound of the record is very natural and organic but yet does not sound dated or old at all. I think with these kind of sounds and performances it will stand the test of time cause there are no "gimmicky" sounds. I had Steve Weingart (El Grupo, Dave Weckl) in to add some more keyboards and synths to 3 tunes, we trade solo's on a tune called Icebound that is very cool. Today I will start by stopping by Steve Porcaro's place as we are working on an arrangement for the only instrumental piece on the record. It's NOT fusion, it's a beautiful composition that will be solo guitar and some sort of weird orchestration by Steve P. and I, and then off to do more guitars till Lenny Castro shows up and then we will shred thru 9 tunes in a day. I LOVE working at this pace so I know it will all be done before I go back out with Toto, all except for a few bits and pieces and the final mixes which we will finish in April. I will see the record co. next week and will have a better idea when the release date will be and I will let ya all know ASAP. Have a good one, Luke."

January 24th 2007:
Lukather: "I am driving back to L.A. today from the desert to hit the studio again. I am doing more guitars and Steve Weingart is coming in to do some keyboard O/D's and tomorrow will be more guitars and Lenny Castro will be in all afternoon and night. Hoping Sklar comes by for some video! Or Scotty Page? I MUST get something to film with as I seem to have nothing that will work. I AM technically challenged. Hahaha.

Had a GREAT time at the Casey Lee Ball charity event to raise money for UCLA pediatric kidney transplants and more and I even played golf (not too badly) with a great team of fools and a great pro Duffy Waldorf who was wearing a "Toto rocks" hat when he won his last big pro tournament. How do ya figure? Hahaha. We also did a jam Saturday night after Rodney Crowell thru down a KILLER acoustic set (we did hate everything about U) and that American idol guy Taylor Hicks was there, actually a nice guy... and a bunch of really cool people. Raised alot of $$ for the cause and then Sunday night this 15 year old kid from Paris Texas, Tyler Dow Bryant and his band played. The kid is killer. Blues but he has chops and I predict great things for him. Have a good one and I will dig y'all later with more stories and anecdotes and hopefully some footage. Maybe I can coerce Mikey P. top come down and hang?
Love to all, Luke."

January 19th 2007:
Lukather: "The record is starting to fill out and the guitars are some of my freshest stuff in years. ALL organic- vintage sounds and VERY diverse.
I even broke out an old Talk box and an octave divider... wacky stuff. I have one tune that is a shameless tribute to Steely Dan, Stab in the back. I LOVE them and never got to play on one of there records. I always wanted to but so far I haven't, SO I wrote my own Steely-like tune which I will dedicate to Donald and Walter on the liner notes. It's NOT a rip-off but you can tell right away what I have been listening to, hahaha. The rest of my new songs are unique with a familiar ring but a new flare and fire and sound. Steve Macmillin was really the right call to work with me and the Steakhouse Studio sounds awesome. I am really having a blast doing this one which I think will be my fave of all of them. I know it's cliche to say that, but I think this time it's true. I have not done a proper new solo record with NEW original material in 10 years, so I have alot of stuff that has been inside my head that is now coming out. I have also been practicing my guitar EVERY day and am very focused in mind, body and soul. I am on a total health kick so I feel great and that motivates me as well. Who knows how long THAT will last. Hahaha. It's hard to stay so healthy on the road with all the travel etc...
I am looking forward to going back out in March with Toto. Ticket sales are real good so far (Holland sold out months ago!) and we are adding some new old songs and taking some of the last tours songs away and keeping it fresh. We are filming and recording a DVD on this tour and we will have the BIG prodution out with all the films and lights and the "flash" show, so that's always fun (and expensive hahaha).
I am taking the weekend off to do a charity event for my dear brother Sterling Ball for the UCLA pediatric transplant team and there are a few concert-jam things, a golf tournament (I suck hahaha) and I will be back in the studio next Wednesday with Lenny Castro, so I will keep ya posted when I can."

January 18th 2007:
Lukather: "The record is really starting to sound awesome. I am doing all my guitar parts now and it is really starting to sound better than I could imagine. There are some shameless influences here in the songwriting but that's what makes it fun. I am paying tribute to a few of my personal faves. I am very proud of all the songs. Good songs make it easy to come up with good parts for them.
This time I am approaching the guitar parts in a totally different way. I am using old vintage amps, some of mine and some obscure stuff that my friend Walter Rice at Hollwood Rentals (my cartage co.) has sent over and a miriad of weird little boutique stomp boxes. It's all organic and Steve Macmillin is really pushing me and that's what I need and hence coming up with really different sounds that inspire me to play different and that's always good.
I think this one is gonna surprise everyone. That's the point. Have a good one and more to come, Luke."

January 17th 2007:
Lukather: "The guitars are starting to come. I have ALOT of work to do and I wanna do meaningful guitar parts and solo's not just all flash and Mac is pushing me to use new sounds and weird amps. So it's gonna sound fresh and different. Havin a blast. Stay tuned, get it? Hahaha. Luke."

January 16th 2007:
Lukather: "The sessions are AWESOME! It's really starting to sound like a record. Babko did **9** tunes yesterday in 7 hours!! I start guitars today and his new parts 9 (aside from the track ones) have insoired a shitload of ideas. I start guitars todays and Rick Such from the Toto Network is in town and hangin in the studio, so he will have some footage. Me and Trev are working on our tune first up today. I am VERY happy! Luke."

January 15th 2007:
Lukather: "I am very psyched to get back in start putting these trax together. Jeff Babko is in today to flesh out the basic track keyboard parts and then I start guitars tommorow. Rick Such is coming in so we will have a bunch more video at the Toto Network and I will show you all the gear and little weird amps and gadgets I plan on using this time. I am feeling great and very inspired! I will be giving updates as much as I can. Thanks for all the kind words. It's kinda weird but also kind of cool that you guys are in from the very start. Luke"

January 13th 2007:
Lukather: "Hey guys, Well, end of week 1 on this new record. I am so happy with the results. I have 9 tracks so far and they are inspired. The band killed me and it has everything and more of what I had on my head going into this thing.
Yesterday was a great day. Trevor played his ass off and made me proud. It's a song that He, Myself and Phil Soussan wrote. Phil was there too for this song and he played great as well (bass).
It's trip looking out at my son and see that he is now "one of the cats" and carried himself that way. He is my best friend now that he is an adult and I don't have to be an asshole dad. Hahaha. You can see some clips on the site. Lee Sklar had his camera and filmed a few "teasers". Just enough to make you want to hear more. Hahaha.

For those of you curious... this is a VOCAL record and what you have been hearing are the basic trax without guitars or overdubs at all. Just live playing with Abe jr., Lee and Babko. This is not the normal way for me to do things but, as usual, I wanted to do things differently. This time I was listeneing and producing rather than playing cause I wanted to see where these guys would take it when they had total freedom PLUS I want to spend ALOT of time and experiment with my sounds and different layers and textures in the guitar parts. I have the freedom and total control to take as much time as I need and also give Macmillin the chance to experiment as well. I am bringing in a bunch of weird 'Boutique' amps and little boxes and NOT just what is expected of me, or the same old same old. That's the POINT of doing a solo record. To be different than the Toto stuff. I LOVE Toto, but this is a chance to get some shit out of my system that has built up after touring for a year and will keep me fresh, happy and inspired! Inspired I am. I can't even sleep at night. I wake up with ideas and parts and sounds in my head. It's a cool thing really.
Now that I have the 9 tracks (I am gonna cut more in February) I am gonna do all the overdubs and vocals and guitars and I will keep ya posted. Rick Such is comin in to hang for a few days next week and there will be ALOT more video for you to dig then. Lee will be popping in when he can as he has a hectic schedule cause EVERYONE wants to play with him!!! Man, it had been so long since we played. I missed his unreal groove and ideas! I think it's some of Lee's best playing. The last track we cut was the only "cover" or "outside tune" that I am gonna cut. It's an old song that did with someone else 10 years ago that I forgot about and it literally fell into my lap when I was looking thru my old idea tapes and CD's for this new record. Its a song by a friend of Pino Palladino's and we got a KILLER track!

Oh well, guess the coffee kicked in... you know what THAT means! hahaha. Have a great weekend and I promise more to come! It's like you are there with us in the studio and you will see how it progresses week by week. I am gonna tease the hell out of all of you! Hahaha. Luke"

January 12th 2007:
Lukather: "I have 5 trax and will have 7 by this evening. The stuff is coming out better than I could have imagined and *I* haven't even got to MY parts yet. I am doing it a little differently than Toto stuff as I am really concentrating on getting great performances from Abe, Lee and Jeff and I am playing along on the tracking but I plan on re-doing all my parts to get the optimum sound and parts. The advantage of me being the only one in charge. Hahaha. I also want to experiment with sounds and Steve Macmillin is the KING of "weirder" sounds and want to be off the beaten path. Oh, I will still sound like ME, but maybe some fresh new "flavors" if you will and take advantage of Steve's talents and ideas trying to keep it a little more inventive. That's why I wanted him to co-produce the record so he would have that input and PUSH the hell outta me! I feel great and my best to you all, Luke"

January 11th 2007:
Lukather: "I got 2 more killer tracks. Love the first one alot but the 2nd one was a surprise as it almost got canned, but the guys saved it and now I want to re-write the lyrics. The rhythm section is ridiculous and the music is very diverse but it still sounds like the same record. VERY early on yet. I am gonna spend ALOT of time on the guitars and the guitar sounds so as it comes I will let you guys know. Guitars and keys next week then vocals. I still have 1 or 2 more tracks I need to write but I should have 9 by the weekend which was my goal.

Tommorow is "rock day" with my son Trevor comin in to play on a song we wrote together with Phil Soussan who is making a guest appearance and might have Sklar play fretless bass and Babko is stuck at Jimmy Kimmel so I will overdub a Rhodes part or somethin after we get the track. Kind of a Floyd meets Zepplin circa 2007. Trev and Abe bring that young fire to it. Should have some interesting guests poppin in for a visit. Maybe we can get them to say Hi to ya! I am groovin, Luke."

January 10th 2007:
Lukather: "Well it is AWESOME!!! Got 3 tracks going on 4 and 5 today! What a fucking band! It's better than I could have hoped for and we are having a blast!
Lee Sklar has the 'Sklar cam" so you will see more this week at the Toto Network. You only get a LITTLE taste as these are WAY too young to hear yet. It's like looking at a sperm cell and wondering what the baby will look like. Hahaha. I am very excited and havin a blast. Lee will have more today and the rest of the week. Please don't be mad you don't hear more of the tunes cause they ain't ready yet BUT you will get some teasers! Off to work, if I can call is that! Have a great day, Luke."

January 9th 2007:
Lukather: "I am REALLY excited. Abe has such energy! Got the 1st TRACK! and the sounds are ridiculous. Today is the first FULL band sessions and I have a bunch of really interesting cool tunes. I am gonna cut more than I need and see where it goes, so there will be one more tracking session down the line. I am feelin good. In a few days I will have more to say."

January 8th 2007:
Lukather: "Day one, set up day, boring but necessary. Hoping to get a track with Abe on a "Gabriel-esque" tune later today and then full tracking starts tommorow. I am excited and think I have cool tunes and by the end of the week I should have a real good idea where its all gonna be going. I will keep you all posted and Sklar is gonna have a camera and stuff and we will see where it all lands."

December 30th 2006:
Lukather: " I am VERY excited about the music I/we have written for the new solo record and we start recording January 8th. I'm hoping for a fall release with a tour in 2008. The album will be produced around TOTO's tight schedule for this year, but I've already written lots of songs and I'm ready to start cutting tracks now.

I am digging the music alot! as usual, NOTHING like my other ones. That's the point of doin them in the first place. The rhythm section is Abe Laborial jr. drums, Lee Sklar Bass (Phil Soussan will play on one or 2, the ones he co wrote ) Jeff Babko on keys, Weingart will sit in later and myself on guitar and keys and vocals. Trevor is gonna play on the 2 he co wrote with me. The music is very melodic and groove oriented. This is NOT a fusion record at all!! I did all that for the last few years and I wanted to write SONGS but adventurous ones. It has all my childhood influences there. Kind of a mixture of Steely, Pink Floyd, Zep, Beatles and lots of guitar playin. Steve Macmillain is doing engineering and co-producing the record with me so it's gonna sound great and have very cool sounds and I guess you should ask me after the first 2 weeks how it's going. Steve Porcaro said he would do some of his crazy synth stuff on a few tunes."

December 18th 2006:
Lukather: "Here's my last update for 2006. I have 8 tunes I love and I am gonna be writing 14 to get 11. It's really starting to take shape and it's gonna be a very musical recoed with great grooves and arrangements. NOT a fusion record at all! I will do that when I do the instrumental record. This is like Steely Dan on steroids with a litle Gabriel-Zepp-Beatles harmonies and weird production. One instumental which is a piece I wrote for piano and orchestra but will re-arrange it for guitar. Really nice ballad. Trev is gonna write one more with me and the father-son on this is deep. I am groovin on that part the most.
Gonna have a kick ass band with Lee Sklar on bass and Abe Laborial jr. on drums and Babko and Weingart and myself sharing keyboard duties and I am sure a few cool guests will pop in. It's not like the Xmas record where there are guests all over the place, it's a SOLO record and will be my thing. I am getting excited about starting January 8th. Steve Macmillin is co-producing and engineering-mixing. He did Falling in Between with us and always has a fresh approach.
So, it's finish writing and Xmas for me and mine. The house looks great, Shawn did a full number on it and my sister and her family are comin to stay with us and that's what Xmas is all about anyway. Love!!!"

December 12th 2006:
Lukather: "Life is good, hectic, but I like it that way. Got a few more killer tunes with Randy Goodrum in the last 2 days. I have been in a Steely Dan mood lately so that's starting to "creep" in harmonically. Of course it will have a harder edge but I love the grooves and harmonies, something lacking in alot of rock n roll these days, whatever "rock n roll" means anymore. Hahaha.
I am gonna write and record up till the day we start cutting in January and probably another batch after that to get 11 really good ones. The point of doing a solo record is to get OTHER stuff out that has been hiding in me for that last year on the road with that guys. Expect diversity!
Got some great players lined up and will let ya know when I am conformed. Abe Laborial jr. is booked on drums the first week. He has a great energy and we haven't recorded together in many many years so that will be fun. Got Lee Sklar (bass) on deck as well, trying to get his schedule and Jeff Babko and Steve Weingart will be in there with many surprises yet to come. I am just teasin you. Hahaha.
I can rave all I want NOW as I have not started yet but Steve Macmillin is gonna engineer and co-produce the record with me and he always makes it sound great and will bring freshh "weird" ideas in. Looking forward to Trevor making the hang as well. Probably should get Tina in for some background vocals and make it a family affair. Hahaha, Swink on percussion.? Hahaha. Nah, it will be Lenny Castro if I can get him in February."

December 7th 2006:
Lukather: "My wife has the house lookin like Xmas. I am still getting over the shock of another year blazing by! I have been writing alot. Yesterday was a milestone. Myself, Trevor (my son) and Phil Soussan wrote a killer track. Imagine the Floyd meets Zeppelin with a little Beatles thrown in with my own thing. Trev wrote one of the coolest "air-guitar" riffs I have heard in many years. He brings a youthful energy to his aging "sea hag" of a Dad. Hahaha. It was the first time we REALLY wrote something together thats gonna make a record. This time next year I will be lucky to get him on the phone as he will be making his own record as he has alot of interest from the majors right now. Dont wanna jinx it but...
He is gonna play some on the record and we are gonna write at least one more as it seem to be working. It is a TRIP hangin with my own son on a pro level and as a man. He is a great kid with a huge future! I am starting to get excited about cutting a new solo record. It's been 10 years since a proper one with all new material.
I am also looking forward to my daughter Tina coming home from a 6 month internship in Germany the 19th. I am VERY proud of her and I miss her like hell. My sister is coming in to town and we will all be together for Xmas for the first time in decades. My mom is flipped. Hahaha. It's corny but at my age I have everything I could wish for in a material sense.. All I really care about is my family and my friends and that's what Xmas is all about anyway. I wish you all the same experience and as Santa once said... 'Did someone spike my cookies with LSD?' Hahaha. Merry Xmas to y'all."

December 4th 2006:
Lukather: "I am in writing mode now so in 2 weeks I hope to have most of it done. I had a cool weekend out at our desert house. INXS was playing at a casino there and we hung and I sat in on the last tune and it was a blast. I love all those guys alot. They are on there way home to OZ topday and I wont see them till July next year."

November 30th 2006:
Lukather: "It's not gonna be a "jazz record". Hahaha. I have some great stuff I wrote with Goodrum already and I am gettin together with alot of my more "rock" friends to help as well. As it's a work in progress it's hard to tell where this will lead. I ain't trying to write "top 40" as radio wont play anything new from me OR Toto. A shame but mostly true so I wanna make something *I* like as that's the point to solo records anyway. I am gonna write some tunes with my son Trev and Phil Soussan next week. You guys should check out Trev's demo's on Myspace. I think its He has major label interest and I am proud of him. My daughter is returning from Germany after 6 months on internship at a PR firm in Düsseldorf and I miss her ALOT! I cant believe another year has come and gone... time is RIPPIN by! I hope you guys are happy-healthy and groovin and I will be checkin in soon."

November 28th 2006:
Lukather: "Having brunch with Joe Williams this morning and writing music for my upcoming solo record. Remember this is NOT a "Toto jr." record. It's my music so I wanna stretch a LITTLE. There will be some similarities as it's me singing, playing and writing but I am open to any suggestions. I have 4 great tunes with Randy Goodrum for the Toto heads as it's got "that thing", but I wanna do other stuff as well. I have another month and 1/2 to finish writing as I wanna start cutting 2nd week in January 2007. Having dinner with my boys in INXS. It will be good to see them all again as they are soul brutha's!"

November 27th 2006:
Lukather: "I have another week off, just doing some writing and planning. I have some really cool new songs. I have alot more to do and I am still working on the record deal but all is going good. I am gonna take it easy this week and go to the desert house this weekend as INXS are playin down there and the it's the holiday season AGAIN!!! Man... what a year! Next year will be even busier. Our Toto show at the Heineken Hall in Amsterdam is already sold out so that's a good sign as it's 3 months away!"

November 1st 2006:
Lukather: "Hey guys, Well, just finished 3 GREAT new tunes with Randy Goodrum so my cherries popped for my new record. Gonna be writing with alot of my old pals, Phil Soussan, Stan Lynch, Rodney Crowell, my son Trev and many more. I am gonna write a TON and pick the best 10. Recording starts the 2nd week in January 2007. The instrumental will follow so my year is FULL. I will be in the studio when I am not on tour with Toto. I must remember to plan a vacation in there, hahaha.
Off to Dallas this weekend to do a private show for MusicMan guitars and then off to Florida with Los Toto's for our last run of the year till march. Next year we are gonna add some new OLD tunes to the set list, hopefully some stuff we have never done."

October 31st 2006:
Lukather: "As I said, I'm back in the saddle. I'm writing with Randy Goodrum all week. Got some great stuff already for the "vocal" record. I am gonna write with alot of cats and write 20 tunes or so and pick the best 10 and then start recording in January-February. Lots goin on..."

September 30th 2006:
This week Luke started writing with Randy Goodrum. Randy's first co-operation with Lukather was back in 1986, while writing together on the Toto hit I'll be over you. Randy also contributed to Luke's first solo album Lukather on three songs: Got my way, With a second chance and Turns to stone and to Luke's third solo album Luke on the ballad Open your heart.
Lukather: "I have ALOT of things in early stages of planning. Toto will be touring some next year but I have alot of work on my own as well. Randy and I wrote a killer 4 days ago and have a few others started. I love writing with him. I am also gonna write with Stan Lynch, Rodney Crowell and a bunch of others. I find co-writing makes me finish all the songs. I will write ALOT and then pick the best of the lot. I am gonna do 2 different records, one song oriented and one instrumental but keep them seperate instead of putiing it all on the same recod. It makes for a more cohesive vibe on both."

September 17th 2006:
Lukather: "Hey folks, just chillin a bit! Went to Nuno Bettencourts 40th birthday party last night and had alot of fun. Jammed with Nuno and Perry Farell, nice cat, and the guys from their new band. I had a few drinks. Nothing insane. I was home by 1am sober. Toto is winding down and we just have the October gigs so far and then I am starting to write 2 different solo records. One is a songwriting vocal one and one is an instrumental one. I have two deals and it will be fun and a challenge in both arenas."