"Subject: I have seen the future!

It’s not "NEW".

It’s fucking VAN HALEN!!

I was invited to a loose rehearsal for the new tour last night. It was NOT the "fab: dress rehearsal, it was one where in a big arena they were rehearsing for the upcoming tour. Now Ed and Al are dear friends of mine for alomost 30 years, same "valley" upbringing as me, and I have always loved VH and the music, but also more cause I really love these guys as friends. Our kids grew up together, we live near each other etc...

Fuck all that.

I saw and HEARD REAL ROCK N ROLL! It took me back... I had a fucking tear in my eye. They are Baaaack! If this ain’t the rock n roll event of the year then I fucking will be your septic tank salesman!
Ed KILLED, Alex, never better (dig the drum solo!). Any doubts about Wolfie are laughable, he played and sang all the high parts and made Alex’s groove more deep than ever in the history, 16 years old, look out for THIS kid!, and I gotta say, Dave brought it! I admit, I was a bit "Oh fuck I hope this is good" but fucking A if Dave didn’t deliver! (even thought there were maybe 100 people hangin out watching)...

I brought my 20 year old son who is a HUGE fan.. the sound and vibe of this band brought me back to 1978 and like a fine wine tasted better than ever! The SET LIST?? It’s gonna KILL YOU!
GREAT production but it’s ALL about the band not flashy images of bullshit artsy fartsy crap, it’s the BAND and Dave is really the cat that can front VH. He sang his ASS off and was really cool. No cheese here guys, this is filet Mignon!

If you don’t see what I saw last night, and that’s WITHOUT a massive arena crowd that will tear the roof off..well then you might as well be dead! Nothing fake here guys, nothing shallow or jive… just the best rock n roll band that the USA has got! Whatever they are charging go see it!

They were having FUN! There was some humour but not in a cheesy way, VH way. Damn, there IS hope yet! Luke"

Lefsetz.com, September 17th 2007