Lukather: 'Well this is too much. Hahaha. I really dont know what to say. I do NOT deserve this title by a long shot. Its funny as Brian May and I were in a dead heat at the end I still find myself baffled at the whole concept. Is this April fools day EARLY? I look at who was on that poll and I realize that THEY ALL should have kicked my ass. I am friends with most of them.

I am not the greatest anything. I really dont think anyone could be. To be humble, and I am, I want to thank all who did this but I hardly think I am in the same league as Jimi, Brian, Beck, Page and all the rest. THOSE guys are the innovators. I am just a guy who is lucky enough to get paid to play the guitar and have enjoyed success for over 30 years, but this? I didnt realize that so many people voted from 40 different countries. Surely there must be a mistake? Hahaha. I am speechless.

I was going back and forth on e-mail this morning with Brian and we were both cracking up. He is SUCH a nice man and a soulful deep, smart and fucking talented guy! I appreciate the kind words from him and all the people. I am SURE that the metal heads are freaking out as most of them hate me, hahaha. But hey, they already hate me. Hahaha. These sort of things are all meant in fun and not to be taken seriously. I was watching this the past few days and I was cracking up. My kids got into it and their friends and I imagine thats how it goes with this stuff. The criteria is rather lax. I am not worthy but thanks to all who took the time.

Please pass this on to the proper sites that need to get it so I can avoid being flamed to death. Hahaha. Have a great day. I am off to New Zealand. God Bless, Luke."

Brian May ( "My Congratulations to Luke!!! Luke is Boss now!!! He's my Bro', but he's the Boss!!! He is incredible. Truly incredible. But we both feel kinda embarrassed at the attention... we would probably both vote for Jeff Beck!! Hahaha! Cheers and ... Rock! Bri"