Well... I do know that he is in Heaven, out of pain and I am quite sure he will be jammin with the best of them. I will miss him and was honored to have known him, played with him and laughed real hard with him. A giant of a musician and even a bigger heart!

Some people don't know that. We toured together in the summer of 2000 and just hit it off so well we stayed in touch. He would invite me up to his Club in Totonto and we would jam for hours and laugh our asses of. I truly loved the guy. I knew he was having a tough time with the fucking cancer but I didn't know that I would be one of the last calls he took. He dies the next day. I am torn up over this. I hate the fact that the good die young. I am afraid this happens more than not and at the age I am now it may well happen more and more. His love and music will live forever... Luke"