Lukather: "Man, what a weekend!! SOOO many people. I am not used to that kind of attention. It was nice to get some love but exhausting at the same time as I want to be nice to people. The MusicMan booth was buzzin and we did great and sold alot of guitars and basses. VERY happy about that.
As usual, Sterling Ball and family took great care of us. I went down with Trev and we hung hard.

All the MusicMan guys were at a dinner hosted by the Ball family. It was John Petrucci, myself, Steve Morse, Tony Levin, John Myung... jeez to name a few. We had many laughs and it was a gas. The show itself was over the top and the Hilton bar was scary Friday night.

I saw SO may old friends and musicians, too many to name here. Hung with Jeff Scott Soto, a buzzed Billy Sheehan (me too hahaha). I had dinner with Eric Martin from Mr. Big Saturday night and then went to bed at like 10pm wasted tired. 2 days seemed like a week. Saw some great stuff, visited all my other endorsements, Ovation, Radial, EMG, Dunlop, missed T Rex which I am sorry for, but there are only so many hours... well I TRIED anyway... I couldnt walk very far without being surrounded. You would think I was famous, hahaha. A strange feeling really. I kept thinking my pants were unzipped. I know my son Trev's were, after hours, hahaha. Time for the young to take over. I am retired from THAT late night hang. At 51 I gotta let the body talk.
All in all, a great show with so many cool people. Thanks to all I saw and sorry I missed the ones I didnt saw. Perhaps at another time."

Luke: "I am in REAL good company here! Steve and John are Giant musicians and great pals and that's Sterling in the "Capt. Stubbing outfit" from the Love Boat circa 1980-something. Their theme this year was 80's TV shows, and VERY funny shit. Many laughs were had for sure.", January19th 2009