Lukather about the question if Toto's broke up or not:
"Broke up", well that would be the LAST incarnation of Falling In Between... That was another band really. Calling it Toto was a stretch. GREAT band, GREAT players but NOT really the real Toto to me. Toto was high school friends (with the exception of Bobby) who basically started this band in high school under the name Stillife and went on to BE Toto (should have kept Stillife as a name but I digress... hahaha).

When I was the LAST man standing from the first rehearsal to the last gig never missing an album or a show EVER... Well I was not happy, boozin WAY too hard and I found I was not "with" everyone else on many levels, business or otherwise. I felt really shitty about it all. Hence, I was hurting myself and perhaps not working to my best potential. I apologize to the band (at that time) and to you for maybe not 'being there' for real. I was suffering other personal stuff too. My saving grace at the time was Leland Sklar my dear brother. Without a Porcaro or Paich in the band, how could we call it Toto, however we went on and did some great shows. SOME things were not to my liking and some people did not get along and lots of backbiting and BS that I wont get into. Some of it was MY fault so I gotta cope to that. Once again I am really sorry. A year + without booze and ciggs, super healthy living and a good shrink has helped ALOT!

I am still friends with almost everyone, hahaha. Even then I bear NO bad feeling towards ANYONE who has ever been in this band past to present. I loved being with Lee as he has been a friend since I was a teenager and he was a rock for me and really the only guy I hung with... I tried to hang on till there was no more for me...

Edit to 2010... well with Mike not being well and some of us missing each other the REAL high school friends (yes that includes Joe!!) got back together for the RIGHT reason.

People want to hear the hits played the way they were recorded, Joe has his voice back 100% and I loved having that power in front again and all REAL, BG vocals again strong and seeing Paich AND Steve Porcaro with THOSE real keyboard sounds, Simon back and as Lee was busy having old pal Nate East step in... it was so much fun and so successful we thought "Hmm, maybe a few gigs once in awhile would be fun" and we can make some money etc... please some of the hard core fans. We ALL have outside careers that keep us all busy, not to mention famlies etc... no one really wants to make new music, not a full record anyway. MAYBE a track someday but not in the near future. I am on tour for a year anyway and enjoying a very successful sold out solo tour and my record sales are better than they have ever been so I dont wanna mess THAT up and everyone has their own very busy successful lives and once in awhile... why not, right? There is no covert BS goin on here.

As for the "Bobby question" well I can only speak for myself. He went out with HIS 'toto' and will I am sure continue to do so. You can see him where ever he plays. I wish him no ill at all. He has as much right as any other cover band. I hope he makes some new music for you to dig. I do NOT hate the guy so please dont say things like that. It is just we wanted to do something different and after 22 years Joe wanted another shot, got it, killed it and we will continue with this line up.

There IS a little surprise comin. Jory cannot come back due to another gig, (we wish her well and love her) so we have an old dear friend gonna come back after 17 years and sing with us. I am very happy about this. We all are. I will tell you soon however you may not have to think too hard. I hope this helps and God Bless you all. Luke."

TOTO Line Up 2011:
David Paich - Keyboards and Vocals
Steve Lukather - Guitars and Vocals
Steve Porcaro - Keyboards and Vocals
Simon Phillips - Drums
Natahn East - Bass
Joe Williams - Vocals
Background singers: Mabvuto Carpenter & Jenny Douglas, November 2010