Album info Transition

October 17th 2012
Lukather: "Cat's out of the bag. Yes... my new record is called 'TRANSITION'. Pretty much says it all. I am excited for you all to hear it. January 2013."

September 12th 2012
Lukather: "Test mastering the new music today. Two more mixes and we are done and they are almost ready."

September 10th 2012
Lukather: "Happy Monday. I am feeling MUCH better and going back to mixing and finishing this record by he end of the week!"

September 7th 2012
Lukather: "Mixes almost done. A few more to go! Taking the weekend off and resting and seeing all my kids."

September 5th 2012
Lukather: "Mix number 5 done. Now to number 6. CJ and I are trippin as something we have worked on for a year on and off is almost fully imagined... smilin to bed."

September 4th 2012
Lukather: "On to mix number 5 today, 5 out of 9. Hump day. We should all hump today, hahaha. Thanks CJ, it is really sounding epic."

September 2nd 2012
Lukather: "Mixes are flowing now. On to number 4. After working on and off since last December, great to hear the songs come to fruition! Special thanks to CJ Vanston!"

September 1st 2012
Lukather: "Off to Mix number 3. VERY happy with how its all going! Happy birthday to bro Joseph Williams! GREAT hang with your Dad and the guys last night."

August 31st 2012
Lukather: "The first mix is awesome... the ball is now rollin and sounding HUGE, but also many small details and atmosphere to this new music."

August 30th 2012
Lukather: "Two days off and now back in the studio with CJ Vanston to finish mixing my new record. A lovely blue sky LA day..."

June 8th 2012
New fun raves from Luke and CJ about Luke's NEW Mascot Records release coming January 2013! Directed by Nigel Dick/Dickfilms.

June 1st 2012
Lukather: "LAST overdub today! Now post production, then mixing. Out January 2013. Cant wait for you to hear it. No hype... we will let the music speak..."

May 31st 2012
Lukather: "Finishing up in the studio with CJ today, working on my book and more swimming lessons for Lily, see Mike Porcaro and off to a hike to start the day."

May 30th 2012
Lukather: "I got a good solo I think and I am almost DONE with all the recording. MIX time begins soon..."

May 30th 2012
Lukather: "Hike then interview for my baby daughter's new school, last solo on my record at noon and then more in the studio with CJ tonight."

May 25th 2012
Lukather: "Two words. LENNY CASTRO! My man grooves like no other and it was awesome having him put killer finishing touches on the music. 35 years..."

May 24th 2012
Lukather: "BIG love and thanks to Richard Page for the awesome BG vocals last night. Me and CJ had a blast! Made the stuff come alive!
Looking forward to Lenny Castro on percussion tonight. He has brought our music SO much since 1977 and he's a soul brother. Looking forward to it."

May 23rd 2012
Lukather: "Great day rehearsing and recording. I was told I was in the upper 90% health for my age. Guess the doctor felt bad after 'taking me'. Richard Page is in to to do some vocals on my record tonight."

May 19th 2012
Lukather: "Got the last lead vocal last night. It is almost done and mix time! BIG love plus thanks to CJ Vanston and to all the musicians!"

May 18th 2012
Lukather: "Thanks to Nathan East for being SO funky on a new track for my record. More Toto rehearsal today and recording tonight and my lil KIDS!"

May 17th 2012
Lukather: "Great night in the studio with CJ. Got a real good lead vocal. One to go."

May 16th 2012
Lukather: "Off to Toto rehearsal and more recording tonight. Its not just a job but an adventure. Hahaha. Yee ha! have a nice day everyone!"

May 16th 2012
Lukather: "Got some killer drums on the last track on my record last night with Eric Valentine, thanks to Ross Hogarth at the Steakhouse studios."

May 14th 2012
Lukather: "Toto rehearsals today. Got the 8+ new/old tunes almost ready. Now time to refine and do the whole set. Finishing my solo stuff at night."

May 11th 2012
Lukather: "First day of rehearsal with Toto, set up + vocals... NEW - OLD songs in the set! Surprises ! Also got a good solo on my record last night. Busy..."

May 10th 2012
Lukather: "Back from Cabo after an amazing week off. Toto rehearsals daytime, finish record at night and kids in between. Vacation over haha."

May 3rd 2012
Lukather: "Last day of recording today. Guitars and vocals and then CABO with my pals for Cinco de Mayo!! Yee fucking HA!"

May 2nd 2012
Lukather: "More recording today. Renee Jones is up then more guitar stuff. Great day yesterday with John Pierce and Kristina Helene on BG's. BIG fun!"

April 30th 2012
Lukather: "Back in the studio for an INTENSE week. We have a real sense of what the record is all about now and we are on the home stretch."

April 27th 2012
Lukather: "More fun at the studio today. Guitars and vocals comin out really good and then a chill weekend with my kids. Nice..."

April 26th 2012
Lukather: "More vocals and guitars today. Nigel Dick will be visiting today. Killer! We are havin a blast!"

April 25th 2012
Steve Weingart: "Great day in the studio with Steve Lukather & CJ Vanston! I heard some amazing things today! Tnx 4 havin me on board 2day, cats!"

April 25th 2012
Lukather: "Steve Weingart & CJ Vanston: You guys rule. Weingart you rocked it man! Unreal great stuff! CJ see ya later and many thanks to you both!"

"Back for more with CJ Vanston. I am feeling very inspired at this time. It feels good. Have a wonderful day y'all!"

April 25th 2012
Lukather: "Great day at the studio today. It's at the point where you hear the songs almost done. Very proud of the work everyone has brought to this..."

April 24th 2012
Lukather: "In the studio today with CJ Vanston and Steve Weingart doin O/d's . Vocals going great too. Starting to sound like a record."

April 23rd 2012
Lukather: "Back in the studio today. More lead vocals and guitars all week. Looking forward to it. Deadlines LOOMING Cadillac problems but still hectic."

April 20th 2012
Lukather: "Working on my new record and then going to see old pal Joe Walsh and the Eagles tonight in Vegas with Sterling Ball. Big fun!"

April 19th 2002
Lukather: "Done with the second lead vocal and solo #2. We ARE workin! Thanks CJ Vanston for keeping it all honest and me from myself. Lol."

April 19th 2012
Lukather: "Excited about workin in the studio today. The momentum is building and havin a blast getting alot done!"

April 18th 2012
Lukather: "A lead vocal, BG harmonies and a guitar solo today. ON a roll... Starting to sound like a record!"

April 16th 2012
Lukather: "The first guitar solo on the record has been recorded. Loud and proud, thats to CJ. Lol."

April 16th 2012
Lukather: "Back in the studio today! Gotta finish the new record by the end of May. Good thing: I work well under pressure. Slept great last night. Yee ha!"

April 3rd 2012
Lukather: "Finished 2 new lyrics this week and one today. Spending time wisely. Now I can chill a bit today pre gig (G3, Australia)."

March 17th 2012
Lukather: "Amazing day yesterday! Big love and thanks to Tal Wilkenfeld for the amazing playing, and my brother John Pierce for layin it down, oxox. BIG thanks Ross Hogarth and CJ Vanston and all the amazing musicians we had in all week! I am humbled and inspired. BIG love!"

Trans1March 16th 2012
CJ Vanston: "Bass guru John Pierce joined us on the last session of the week to play on two songs... JP and Steve's Mom's knew each other when they were in the WOMB! That's a true bro... great playing, wonderful to see John again."

March 16th 2012
CJ Vanston: "Two words. Tal fu*&^ng Wilkenfeld! What a talent... we were blessed today with some serious groove and bass love. Sweeheart to boot."

March 16th 2012
Lukather: "Today is another bass extravaganzo with Tal Wilkenfeld and then my oldest friend John Pierce. Havin a BLAST! Yee ha!"

March 15th 2012
Lukather: "BIG Thanks to the amazing Leland Sklar for not only playing his ass off today and everyday but for being a close friend since I was 19..."

Trans3March 15th 2012
CJ Vanston: "Lee Sklar visited the studio today and played on two songs. No humor, no laughs, just a bunch of serious musicians getting down to business. NOT!!!"

March 15th 2012
Lukather: "Now starts the bass hang. Today starts the one and only Leland Sklar. More surprises tomorrow. Havin a blast!"

March 15th 2012
Chad Smith: "Still buzzin from last nite... so fun. Thanks again!"

Trans4March 14th 2012
CJ Vanston: "After the session with Chad, great day. Off for some Sushi! Trev, me, Luke, Chad & Ross."

March 14th 2012
Lukather: "Unreal day of grooves and laughs with Chad Smith and Gregg Bissonette and with Ross Hogarth and CJ Vanston. I am VERY happy! Thanks Guys! OX."

Trans5March 14th 2012
CJ Vanston: "Gregg Bissonette tore it up today on Luke's record, Ross Hogarth got some big fat bad ass sounds. Too many laughs, and some kick ass plyaing..."

Trans9March 14th 2012
CJ Vanston: "In the studio with Steve Lukather, Gregg Bissonette played drums today with Ross Hogarth playing the role of audio god..."

Trans6March 14th 2012
CJ Vanston: "Chad Smith (Chickenfoot/Chili Peppers) came and laid some drum carnage on Luke's record yesterday, playing on a song Steve & I wrote with his son, Trev. Ross Hogarth harnessed the DBs."

Trans7March 14th 2012
CJ Vanston: "Chad Smith in action while Steve and I watch in awe...thank god he's a drummer, if not he probably would have been a serial murderer. Intense performance!"

March 14th 2012
Lukather: "More drums today with my pals Gregg Bissonette and Chad Smith. (Different tunes). Thanks so much guys for 'the groove". Big fun."

March 13th 2012
Eric Valentine: "WOW... Played some great tunes for Lukather's new record ... CJ Vanston and Ross Hogarth at the helm..."

Trans8March 13th 2012
CJ Vanston: "Eric Valentine laid down some serious groove on two songs, two thumbs up..."

March 13th 2012
CJ Vanston: "Ross Hogarth getting the juicy sounds today..."

March 13th 2012
Ross Hogarth: "Digging back in today on Luke's record with CJ Vanston. Loving being a part of it."

March 13th 2012
Lukather: "Having Eric "Mr. Chocolate" Valentine on drums today. It is sounding like a record now! Early 2013 release to those that have asked."

Trans10March 12th 2012
Lukather: "Amazing day with Toss Panos, Ross Hogarth and CJ. Killer drums from Toss. Thanks to all!"

March 12th 2012
CJ Vanston: "The one and only Toss Panos... one of the most creative drummers I've ever worked with. Toss played on two songs for Luke's record and killed it, great stuff. Nice outboard gear Ross brought to the party..."

March 12th 2012
Lukather: "Starting a week of live drums and bass with Ross Hogarth at the Steakhouse studios. Toss Panos in today for some grooves! More to come..."

March 7th 2012
Lukather: "A great morning and it will be a great day in the studio as well. Practicing for G-3 and getting the book together + kids... busy but happy!"

March 5th 2012
Lukather: "Working on the record more today and then serious book stuff tonight. It IS being done guys! The book is for real! Gonna take a while though."

March 3rd 2012
Lukather: "Great week in the studio! Now it is time to chill with my lil ones and relax and try and write words. I feel So much. Focus is what I need."

March 2nd 2012
Lukather: "MAKIN rough mixes and THEN workin on lyrics. It is a gorgeous FRI and off for a hike then work."

February 28th 2012
Lukather: "More recording today. Its starting to sound like a record now. Hope everyone is havin a nice day."

February 27th 2012
Lukather: "Back in the studio today. Working on 8 tracks this week. Finish those and see where we are... Book outline going well."

February 26th 2012
Lukather: "Starting my book for real today. A few sample chapters to see where we are goin. Thats all I am gonna say for now."

February 23rd 2012
Lukather: "Survived band meeting. Lol. All positive. Now back to the studio to finish our little epic. Gorgeous LA day..."

February 23rd 2012
Lukather: "Almost done with the extravaganzo I wrote with CJ and Steve Weingart. It is wild and fun."

February 22nd 2012
Lukather: "Big love to Steve Weingart and CJ for the new epic we are mid way thru writing. I LOVE throwing the rule book out!"

February 21st 2012
Lukather: "Starting a new 'extravaganzo-epic" piece of music today for the new record with CJ and Steve Weingart! GOIN for it!"

February 17th 2012
Lukather: "Number 6 track with CJ Vanston yesterday. I look forward to everyday."

February 16th 2012
Lukather: "Finishing an epic piece with CJ Vanston today. Number 6. And a blue sky... nice."

February 15th 2012
Lukather: "The new music is really taking shape now. I see the overall picture now. I am inspired."

February 14th 2012
CJ Vanston: "Hate to sound redundant but another great day in the studio with Steve Lukather... experimenting with some very cool guitar tones & FX"

February 14th 2012:
Lukather: "New music is great! VERY happy... need to catch up on the words... but man, the music is killer... Will have 5 today, with a 6th I know we are gonna do, an add on to the end.
I need real Bass and real Drums on these 5 and then almost finish them and then do the 2nd 1/2. I like doin it like this. CJ and I work very well together."

February 9th 2012
Lukather: "Back in the studio again with CJ. I feel very inspired. Hoping everyone in the world is groovin!
Great stuff for the new record. I am upping the ante and digging deep. Got the first 5 and will work those and then do another batch. I like working like this. It allows me to see the direction and then what I am missing..."

February 7th 2012
CJ Vanston: "Day 1 on the new Steve Lukather album, what a great start..."

February 6th 2012
Lukather: "Had a great day 1 in the studio with CJ Vanston. Music heals. Sounds cheesy but it does for me anyway. Gonna be a killer week."

February 6th 2012
Lukather: "Offical starting of my new solo record today with CJ Vanston! Got some great tunes and I am ready."

January 17th 2012
Lukather: "In Berlin and looking out at the grey skies writing words for a new song... somehow I hear "Wish you were here' in my head. Miss my kids."

January 11th 2012
Lukather: "I'm in Passau Germany now (Rock meets Classic tour). A nice river out the window. Gigs have been fun and packed. I am really starting to flow with the new music I am writing!"

December 12th 2011
Lukather: "I am very excited about the direction and songs so far. NOT finished yet but the VIBE and tone of the record is already off the hook. All's well on steriods... I am gonna be a little more hopeful lyrically this time... Hahaha."

December 10th 2011
Lukather: "Gorgeous LA Morning. Hangin' with my little ones till 3. Rhen more writing/recording for my nrw album. Randy Goodrum is in town + CJ and me."

December 9th 2011
Lukather: "Two killer new tunes today! One with me and CJ and then one with my son Trev, me and CJ."

December 9th 2011
Lukather: "Back in the studio with CJ Vanston today. Truly cant believe Xmas-holiday season is here again... wow. Happy holidays to everyone!"

December 8th 2011
Lukather: "The second song is rippin from me and CJ Vanston. NOT the obvious stuff here at all! It rocks but has DEEP changes and vibe. Buzzed on the direction."

December 7th 2011
Lukather: "Wrote the first tune for the new record with CJ Vanston and its Burnin! First one is the hardest as it sets the pace. I am very very excited!"

December 7th 2011
Lukather: "I am making a record not unlike the last one. A few instrumentals and mostly vocals. I made GREAT headway and no need to throw a total curve. I want to try and make a BETTER record and I am very proud of the last 2. Starting February 1st recording with CJ and I at the helm, Randy Goodrum, Fee Waybill, Trev and some new surprise co-writers on this one. Only the VERY best will make the cut. Nine or ten great tunes."

December 6th 2011
Lukather: "Today marks the official start of my next solo record. I do NOT sit around after a year+ tour. Me and CJ Vanston start NOW! I am NOT doing a jazz fusion instrumental record. Lol! More to come!", December 6th 2011 - October 17th 2012