"I will be out in January and February with my dear friend and Guitar Legend Larry Carlton in Japan/Asia. We will be filming this for a live album and DVD. Then home for 3 days, then March thru early April is with 'my last best friend' Ringo and the Allstarrs in South America and some select USA dates.

All this is up on the website here and there ARE more dates coming in. So the tour dates section will be updated as the new info come in. 
There is a huge surprise coming for the TOTO USA summer tour which I can't say much about yet. But it is gonna be very exciting and get us in front of lots more people in very cool venues with a very very cool touring partner. This is a teaser and it is not an obvious band we are co billing with at ALL!

Cant wait for you to hear the new Toto music and 2015 looks like it may be our best year ever. I truly owe this all to you.

Many thanks and big love to Arend Slagman and his family for this website and support. I hope everyone that reads this has a wonderful holiday and a Happy New year filled with love laughter and peace.

As we end this year with all the darkness, betrayal and hate that seems everywhere... remember there IS some good in humanity. Lets find it!

Luke ox"