Gavin Lurssen: "Special week for us this week in the studio. Working on all the Toto albums from the Sony label. 40 Year span. Elliot Scheiner spearheading this one. Yesterday (December 8th) we got a visit from the leader of the pack Al Schmitt while we were working on Toto IV, an album he tracked. All eyes were on Al for a thumbs up on this one. Having the core of the band present for this project is pretty much as much fun as can be had in a studio. What an honor. In this pic Elliot Scheiner, Al Schmitt, myself, Steve Lukather, Reuben Cohen, David Paich and Steve Porcaro." 

Steve Lukather: "It is all from the ORIGINAL album mixes but Re-shaped EQ wise but NO compression added at all!!! We are hearing subtle parts that were buried in the old mixes on the early albums. Remember we had to mix for Vinyl back then and there were sonic rules we HAD to deal with that were a drag. Elliot Schiener, Gavin Lurrsen and his co-mastering engineer Rueben did some amazing things. Its like a blanket was taken off the speakers on our 1-3 records and just a tweak here and there from Toto IV on.

We found a 5.1 mix of IV Elliot did years ago that was never released... SO many treats/surprises will be in there as well, some great liner notes on all 11 SONY albums and photos and personal stuff... and it is like we re-mixed the early stuff, the first 3 albums, but we didn't! It's SO clear and hi fi! This was an amazing experience. NO compression was added!!! NONE. It is full range 192 resolution and it will also be out on hi end Vinyl.

It has inspired us to write the NEW music we start on January 9th till March. Many surprises and 'treats' will be included. Out 2018 but we will tour 2017 as well. Some festivals in Europe and then the USA. A surprise is coming there as well. It is all working us up to the 40th anniversary in 2018. 2 year world tour to follow. Thats all for now."