Luke (1997)

Lukather, Steve (Columbia, 487360 2)

"Welcome to the 3rd installment. You will find this record to be a bit of a departure from my other two because I really wanted to do something different. Maybe because my life is just different now and when I began writing and recording for this record I was in a rather introspective, life-evaluating space. Consequently, my approach to the whole reord, musically and sonically, just seemed to take another direction. I was inspired by all the music I grew up listening to and how it has influenced and chronicled different phases of my life and it came out liberally and deliberately on the record. In fact, I think this record is the closest amalgamation of all the different facets of me than anything I have recorded in the past, thus the original title. I experimented with some different instrumentation and recording techniques this time. All the tracks were recorded live except for vocals and a few other oddities. The solos that I do have on the record like Tears of my own shame and Blue bird were kept intact with all their imperfections as to keep the approach REAL and honest. I decided to focus on other aspects of my music this time. You hear sounds like pedal steel guitar, harmonicas, Mellotrons and some different guitar tones and rawer-sounding bass and drum parts. I mixed all this in with some modern recording techniques. I even purposefully distorted the vocals on some occasions... so there is nothing wrong with your system (haha). I think we captured the spirit of where I seem to be coming from at this time. I want to thank ALL of the musicians and Tom for their input and keeping me from myself when it was necessary, for making me keep things I would normally "fix" and maybe "fix" the edge right out of. I also want to thank Elliot Scheiner for coming in and mixing my album and putting some fresh ears on it.

See ya on the road!!" (Luke)

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  1. The real truth (Lukather, Waybill)
  2. Broken machine (Lukather, Soussan)
  3. Tears of my own shame (Lukather, Soussan)
  4. Love the things you hate (Lukather, Soussan)
  5. Hate everything about you (Lukather, R. Crowell)
  6. Reservations to live (The way it is) (Lukather, Waybill)
  7. Don't hang me on (Lukather, Soussan)
  8. Always be there for me (Lukather)
  9. Open your heart (Lukather, Goodrum)
  10. Bag o'tales (Lukather, Soussan)
  11. Blue bird (Stephen Stills)
  12. The pump (Simon Phillips, Tony Hymas)


Steve Lukather - vocals, guitars, keyboards
Gregg Bissonette - drums
John Pierce - bass
Jim Cox - Hammond
Phil Soussan - bass, bg vocals
Maxie Anderson - bg vocals
Alfie Silas Duno - bg vocals
J.D. Maness - pedal steel
Pino Palladino - bass
David Paich - Wurlitzer

Produced by Steve Lukather & Tom Fletcher
Mixed by Elliot Scheiner
Recorded at The Steakhouse, North Hollywood

Luke promo (1997, Sony Music International SAMPCM 4355):

  1. Broken machine
  2. Hate everything about you
  3. Reservations to live (The way it is)
  4. Allways be there for me

Steve Lukather - Hate everything about you (1997, Columbia 664616 2)

  1. Hate everything about you - edit (ver 4)
  2. Always be there for me
  3. Froth
Steve Lukather Side Image

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