XX (1998)

Toto (Columbia, 489956 2)

XX is a little present of Toto to the fans because of the 20th anniversary of the band. This album got a selection of songs through the years that where never released before, including two original demos to get the record deal in 1977 (Miss sun and Love is a man's world).
The last three songs where recorded live at the Standard Bank Arena in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1996.

The song Miss Sun was an early Toto (audition) demo with Lisa Dal Bello contributing on vocals. Toto first released this song on the album XX. Especially for the Scaggs album Hits (1980) Toto and Scaggs re-recorded the song, again with Lisa on vocals.

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  1. Goin' home (1989) (D. Paich, J.Williams, J. Porcaro)
  2. Tale of a man (1979) (D. Paich)
  3. Last night (1987) (D. Paich, J. Williams)
  4. In a word (1986) (S. Lukather, M. Porcaro, J. Porcaro, S. Porcaro)
  5. Modern eyes (1986) (D. Paich)
  6. Right part of me (1984) (D. Paich, B. Kimball)
  7. Mrs. Johnson (1977) (D. Paich, S. Lukather)
  8. Miss Sun (1977) (D. Paich)
  9. Love is a man's world (1977) (D. Paich)
  10. On the run (1991, live Montreux Jazz) (S. Lukather, D. Paich, F. Waybill)
  11. Dave's gone skiing (1998, South-Africa) (S. Lukather, M. Porcaro, S. Phillips)
  12. Baba Mnumzane (1998, South-Africa) (tradd, L. Mkhize, M. Namba)
  13. Africa (1998, South-Africa) (D. Paich, J. Porcaro)


Steve Lukather: vocals, guitars
David Paich: keyboards, vocals
Mike Porcaro: bass
Simon Phillips: drums
Jeff Porcaro: drums
Bobby Kimball: vocals
Joseph Williams: vocals
Steve Porcaro: keyboards
David Hungate: bass

Lisa Dalbello: lead harmonies on Miss Sun
Chris Trujillo: percussion
Background vocals: Chris Thompson, Jenny Douglas-McRae, Fred White, Jacki Magee, Famili Factory
Horns: Jerry Hey, Gary Grant, Tom Scott, Jimmy Pankow, Jim Horn, Dave Sanborn

Toto - Goin' home (1998, Sony Music SAMPCS 5309)

  1. Goin' home (edit)
  2. Tale of a man
  3. Modern eyes
  4. Dave's gone skiing (live)