A rockwalk through the Toto years (2008)

King of Balance (Fuel Records, )

Guitarist/singer Alex DeRosso is a huge Steve Lukather & Toto fan. Alex off and on spent the better part of 2007 working on his tribute CD to one of his favorite bands of all time: Toto.
This Fuel Records (self distribution) recording "King of Balance", a Rockwalk through the Toto years is the result of his working together with his Italian musical friends, along with numerous other great musicians: Timothy Drury (Whitesnake, The Eagles), Stef Burns (Vasco Rossi, Huey Lewis and the News), Michael T.Ross (Hardline, Angel), Michele Luppi (Vision Divine), Dave Rodgers, Claudio Tarantola (Spagna), Sergio Cossu (Matia Bazar), Andrea De Paoli (Labyrinth), Alessandro Del Vecchio (Moonstone, Edge of Forever), Carlo Santacatterina, Ivan Trevisan and Stefano "dedo" Bagagiolo.


  1. Girl goodbye (David Paich)
  2. Caught in the balance (Lukather, Paich, Phillips, Porcaro, Lynch, Kimball)
  3. Rosanna (David Paich)
  4. Angel don't cry (D. Paich, F. Frederiksen)
  5. Africa (D. Paich, J. Porcaro)
  6. Lion (D. Paich, B. Kimball)
  7. Georgy Porgy (David Paich)
  8. Isolation (D. Paich, F. Frederiksen, S. Lukather)
  9. I will remember (S. Lukather, S. Lynch)
  10. Don't chain my heart (Paich, Lukather, J. Porcaro, M. Porcaro)
  11. Hydra (Toto)
  12. Stop loving you (Steve Lukather, David Paich)
  13. I'll be over you (Steve Lukather, Randy Goodrum)
  14. Jake to the bone (Paich, Lukather, J. Porcaro, M. Porcaro)
  15. Pamela (David Paich, Joseph Williams)
  16. Home of the brave (D. Paich, S. Lukather, J. Webb & J. Williams)
  17. White sister (David Paich, Bobby Kimball)
  18. Hold the line (David Paich)


Roberto Tiranti - lead vocals
Alex DeRosso - guitars and lead vocals
Bob Parolin - drums
Robby Galli - bass
Pietro Taucher - keyboards