Online (2008)

Borghi, Simone (SBP, 0634479863578)

Simone Borghi, born in Ancona Italy in 1975, at the age of 15 became one of the most active rock musicians in the Marche region. After a decade of paying dues in Italy, Simone reached Los Angeles, and recorded his first two CDs, For Many Years (2004) and By The Moon (2006), in collaboration with musician and producer James Raymond (son of David Crosby of CSN&Y), drummer Vinnie Colaiuta and bassist Tony Levin. In 2007 Borghi produced the State Of Grace Documentary (DVD & Book) which tells about his musical history in California and in 2008 he recorded the album Online with the collaboration of Toto members Steve Lukather and Simon Phillips, guitarists Frank Gambale, Dean Parks and Brian Ray (from Paul McCartney’s band) and jazz pianist from New York City, Rachel Z. The single titled Every Night Together (2009), performed with Italian singer Linda Valori, was candidated for three Nominations at the Los Angeles Grammy Music Awards 2010. Borghi himself was also candidated for Nominations as best new artist and best male pop vocal performace with the song Endless Trip from his new album.


  1. All right (Simone Borghi, Pietro Nobile)
  2. Every night together (Simone Borghi)
  3. Endless trip (Simone Borghi)
  4. Bad fears (Simone Borghi)
  5. By the moon (Simone Borghi, Marco Riciotti)
  6. Online (Simone Borghi)
  7. Master of this day (Simone Borghi)
  8. Try again (Simone Borghi)
  9. Guitarras (Simone Borghi, Giovanni Seneca)
  10. Find your way (Simone Borghi, Lorenzo Maiani)
  11. Light (Simone Borghi)
  12. È un giorno (Simone Borghi)


on Bad fears:
Simone Borghi - acoustic guitar, vocals
Vinnie Colaiuta - drums
Tony Levin - bass
James Raymond - piano, rhodes
Steve Lukather - electric guitar (4)
Claudio Simoncini, Massimiliano Borelli - bg vocals