This fall (2008)

Williams, Joseph (WHD Entertainment, IECP-10155)

Since leaving Toto in 1989, Williams has kept busy as a composer of film and drama scores, most notably for episodes of the science fiction series Roswell, and The Lyon's Den starring Rob Lowe. In addition to his guest spot on the last Toto album Falling in Between, a guest spot at several Toto concerts, the second Vertigo album Vertigo 2 has been released in 2006. Williams also released an album of cover songs (from renowned artists such as Elton John, Bryan Adams, Diane Warren, and Kevin Cronin) in 2006 featuring piano and voice only Two of Us. He returned with 2 other voice & piano albums in 2007 Smiles and Tears consisting of classic hits by popular artists such as Brian Wilson, Paul Simon, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, and Stevie Wonder. This fall is Williams' latest solo effort and a classic, HQ melodic rock album.


  1. This fall (Joseph Williams, Steve Lukather)
  2. You don't kow what's coming (Joseph Williams, David Harris, Bob Hirch)
  3. It's a far cry (Joseph Williams, David Harris, Chris Eaton)
  4. Yeah, yeah, yeah (Joseph Williams, Mark T Williams, Hannah Ruick)
  5. I know what I know (Joseph Williams, Jay Gruska)
  6. She walked (Joseph Williams, Richie Zito)
  7. Wonder at all (Joseph Williams)
  8. Do ya (Joseph Williams, David Paich, Bobby Kimball)
  9. Hush (Joseph Williams)
  10. Don't pull the plug (Joseph Williams, Mark T Williams)
  11. Angelie (Joseph Williams, Steve Porcaro)
  12. Tell me something new (Joseph Williams, Mark T Williams)
  13. Far away (Joseph Williams, Amye Williams)
  14. I luv U goodbye (Joseph Williams)

Produced by Joseph Williams, Joey Carbone & Kaz Hori


Joseph Williams - vocals, guitars, keyboards, piano, programming
Steve Lukather - guitars (1), (3), (11)
David Paich: grand piano, Hammond B-3
Drums: Emmanuel Cervantes, Rick Marotta, Mark T. Williams
Bass: Joe Stanley, Bob Birch, J. Willy, Sean Barrett, Steve Porcaro, Mark T. Williams
Guitars: Anthony Mazza, Richie Zito, S.N. Walsh, Mark T. Williams, Ewen Williams
Piano: David Harris, Chris Eaton
Vocals: Bobby Kimball, Hannah Ruick, Emma Ray Williams, Joey Carbone, Mark T. Williams, Steve Porcaro

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