Lukather, closing act of the tour dates, made a fresh and healthy appearance at the Hendrix Files Tour. From the first minute he showed that he came over to Europe to kick asses and try out a couple of new arrangements, riffs, sounds and techniques. His part of the show was extremely versatile and dynamic as he alternated his whispering, fragile riffs with hard edged experimental sounds (3rd Stone from the sun) and heavy metal power chords and raging solos.

In Rijssen and Maastricht where I saw and heard Lukather play, it took him just a few seconds to stir up the audience. With a wide range of psysical and musical expressions he played a well balanced set with his own classic Extinction blues and the Hendrix songs Freedom, Purple haze, Red house, 3rd Stone from the sun, Little wing, Them changes (with guest vocalist Phil Bee) and Voodoo chile. After the set Luke and the other stars of the evening (More Experience, Jan Akkerman and Phil Bee) came back to play Red house as the closing song of the evening.

It was great to see in what a great shape Lukather came back to Europe after a very long and tiring 25th Anniversary tour with Toto during the last 15 months., October 12th 2003